Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm an Idiot

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So today, I am in Blockbuster (oh, how I miss my MediaWave from Fairfield) and I go up to check out my two movies. The guy at the desk is the one I always get. The light right over us is one of those flourescent ones and it is flickering like mad.

I say to the guy, "You should get that fixed. Someone is going to have a seizure." Now, I don't know why I say things like this. Do I care, really? Or am I trying to show off some completely insignificant (and probably widely known) fact about strobing lights causing seizures? I never really thought about my motivation until today when the guy said,

"I know. I sometimes get seizures from these lights. But, it's okay because I get workmans comp." (What??? Okay? How could this be okay? Why not just change the lightbulb?)

I feel totally stupid for so blithely bringing the topic up and say, "Geez. I'm sorry for being so offhand about it."

And to make things worse, he says,

"That's okay. I don't usually notice that the lights are doing that until someone points it out."

Then I really felt stupid and pretty bad. The poor guy probably had a seizure as soon as I left. Nice work, BloomingtonGirl.

On the other hand, that place ALWAYS has lights flickering like that so if one gets seizures from that, one shouldn't work at Blockbuster. So there. Now I feel better.

Some of my loyal readers might be wondering who the aformentioned MediaWave of Faifield is. Wonder no more.

MediaWave is an amazing independent video store in downtown Fairfield, CT, from which we used to rent all of our movies. What made it so amazing? Was it the selection of interesting films? Great prices? Yes, yes and yes. But the best part of the store were the young, film savvy, edgy guys who worked there. I miss their movie recommendations and excellent commentary on what to rent. I miss Drew and Jordan, the best of the best. I read their blog but it just isn't the same as being there.

I know, I could avoid the evil Blockbuster and rent from Cinemat in Bloomington, which is a hip, indy place. But, loyal readers, it is less convenient and their hours don't work for me. I hate to be such an American, but what can I do?

In other news, there were a million severe thunderstorm warnings today and a couple tornado warnings mixed it. It is SUCH a pain in the neck. I don't understand why the midwest is even populated, what with storms here being what they are. I know we will get struck by lightning is just a matter of time.

Well, I have to go tuck Jack in and then whip up dinner for his amazing parents. I am making Pad Thai again...I had a craving.

More later.


Perl said...

I could be wrong but I think the Blockbuster guy was pulling your leg...he gets seizures but it's ok cuz he gets workman's comp? Sounds like a glib, flippant response to me but I wasn't there...also if the flickering lights give him seizures then he absolutely would notice them--

Anonymous said...

We have a 1st grader at our school who has to wear a baseball cap during any events in our auditorium because the flickering lights send him into seizures. I can't even tell they flicker but apparently he gets those vibes just right. Of course we have a school policy forbidding the wearing of hats in school so early on everyone (read idiots) would tell him to take the hat off NOW!! (We are more understanding educators now that we have the full health history). So much for health care and privacy! FOK