Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lots of Prep Work

Pad Thai
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This will be short because I am tired from cooking. OR maybe from drinking two glasses of wine while cooking.

I made Pad Thai for the first time tonight. It was something I had wanted to make for some time. Jack and I went to the "Oriental Grocery" today to get some of the more exotic ingredients (like dried shrimp (pee-you) and pickled salted radish). The dish took about five minutes to actually cook but the prep work for all the ingredients seemed to take forever. I am glad to report it was delicious. On the other hand, with three pretty good Thai restaurants in town, why bother?

In other news Indiana University has a new basketball coach and that is HUGE here. He used to be the Sooner coach and now he will be the Hoosier coach. Who thinks of these names?? Anyway, I hope this guy can take the pressure cooker that is Indiana Basketball. When I first saw the movie Hoosiers, I didn't really get how much basketball means to these Indiana folks. I do now. It is serious business. If only my overly tall kid would take an interest. He would have it made.

I am off to bed to finish (I hope) War and Peace. I am in the part where Tolstoy is opining about marriage. Love this book.

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