Thursday, April 20, 2006


Greetings loyal readers. We are in Williamsburg where the weather is just perfect and the hospitality devine. Chris, Jack and I are visiting Chris's parents here and as always, it is so relaxing. I have said it before and will say it again...I am LUCKY in the in-law department. We leave tomorrow for the DC area to go to our niece's wedding. Then, on Sunday, we are back to Indiana.

The title refers to a visit we made today to a huge park in Richmond. The place is called Maymont and has beautiful gardens, a pond, an aquarium and a petting zoo. Jack whined just about all through the visit as is typical for him if he is the least bit uncomfortable. Today, the sun was out and the bees were abundant...not a good combo for little Jackson who is not a rough and tumble kind of guy. Alas, what can a parent do? I think that the thing to do is not to go on these kinds of excursions with the little shaver. The perfect vacation is one where they have a day camp for Jack and a bar by the pool for me. Think what you like about my mothering. I should have been a mom in the 1950s.

In other news, a friend of mine from Bloomington recently had a very successful tummy tuck and truth be told, I can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to have a flat stomach after only one week of recovery agony and about ten thousand bucks. The only thing that keeps me from doing it...okay, the THREE things that keep me from doing it...1) I don't want the scar that will run from hip to hip 2) I am a chicken and 3) my husband won't let me, darling man that he is. I guess I will just have to rejoin the Pilates place this summer.

In other other news...well, there is no other news. I just wanted to post to keep my eager readership sated for news of their BloomingtonGirl.

Must go and get ready for dinner.


Karen said...

Any mother who says that she doesn't want to kick back with a glass of vino while someone entertains her kid(s) nearby is a liar liar pants on fire!!

My dream vacation would also include some component of drinking while my kids are having fun with some sober responsible adult -- not their dad, because I want to drink with him! Also, it would include some climbing and a long long run, neither of which would be fun with the kids along... and I guess should happen before the drinking... then it would wind up with a facial and massage. Ahhh... dream on.

We are currently planning a month-long "vacation" driving out west (where I'm from), stopping along the way to see friends, camp, do some mountain biking, a little climbing, and relaxing. It will include some aspects of the dream vacation... However, we have two kids (3 and 1) so it will probably be a test of endurance more than anything. I'm sure we're nuts to try this... (although at least they're too young to really WHINE).

anyway, here's to attempting to vacation!!

Amy said...

J -
Sorry we got disconnected the other day. Give me a call when you get back.

- "E"

P.S. Happy to hear the news about your friend in Bloomington. :)