Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Catching Up

Phew! It has been a whirlwind of activity for this BloomingtonGirl. I do have some moments to myself, so I will write what I can.

Earlier this evening, Kate and I swam laps at the IU Outdoor Pool which has opened for the season. HURRAH!!!! I have been having lots of fun swimming with Kate during her visit. She is training for a mini triathalon later this summer. ( I put this information in because I later describe my midnight snack and I don't want my loyal readers to think that BloomingtonGirl would eat with such abandon so close to bedtime without having first burned some extra calories...)

Now, It is about 10:15 PM and Chris and Kate are watching a basketball game while Kate folds her millionth load of laundry (how DOES one have SO many items of apparel??).

Kate has been here since her graduation from Wash U and it has been wonderful to see her and spend some relaxed time with her. I don't mind admitting that I got her the PERFECT graduation gift and I even gave Chris some credit for it, though nobody believed he had anything to do with picking it out for one minute. It was a watch from an exclusive jeweler whose name shall go unmentioned in the spirit of pretending that I am above such name dropping. Anyway, Kate lit up when she saw the box and was thrilled with the watch, which I must say is an absolute classic that she will have all her life, unless she loses it like someone else lost her very good watch. I won't mention the name of that person in order to protect my identity. It was the perfect gift, though Chris commented later that he didn't really get it. "It just looked like a regular watch to me."

Meg came for a long visit with her baby. She arrived last Thursday and stayed through Monday morning. Her husband had to work and then had to nurse their sick dogs over the weekend so couldn't come at all. I really love her husband but I have to say that it was fun just having Kate and Meg without boyfriends or spouses. The girls got along well (for the most part) and it was like old times for me, except better because the girls are well on their way to being real grownups. When my sisters and I are all at my parents' house at the same time, my dad always beams and says, "It makes me so happy to have all you girls home together." I never really understood that until this past weekend. Though I shudder to think of myself as being like my dad in any way, it made me really happy to see Meg and Kate having a good time together. But, don't get me wrong...they still have sibling rivalry to beat the band and it was amusing to watch one try to one-up the other. The rivalry is especially interesting now that they have chosen such VERY different lifestyles.

As far as being a grandmother is concerned, I am starting to adjust the role as Betsy shows her extraordinary taste in people by preferring me to others when her mother (her sun and moon) is absent. She is, of course, a genius.

Well, I am finished with my decadent midnight snack (almond butter & real artery-clogging butter on sourdough toast with a glass of wine to wash it down) so I think that I will be off to bed to read my latest book, THE BIRTH OF VENUS by Sarah Dunant. It is a fun page turner but Dunant is, of course, no Leo Tolstoy.

Tomorrow I shall try to find time to post about the Senior Citizen Mutiny that was staged against Kate and Me at the YMCA pool last week. I hope I don't grow up to be a mean Senior....

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