Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here We Go!

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Loyal readers, have you been worried that BloomingtonGirl's life was getting too relaxed with no major stressor coming up? Well, worry no more! We are going to do it. We are going to sell our house.

We are signing the listing contract on Monday and the house should be listed in MLS about a week after that. We are moving on this now because the market here is VERY seasonal and you list in spring and sell by mid-August. The rest of the year is sort of dead. I suppose we could have stayed in this house longer (and indeed we will if we can't sell it) but it isn't our dream house and if we know we aren't going to be in it for even the next five years, why not move out now?

We are actually going to rent a place until we either find the perfect house or the perfect piece of property to build on. The place we found is what is called in these here parts a "Paired Patio Home". It is a duplex style condo. This one is very new, very nice and has a great big basement with lots of storage. I am so excited to be in a smaller place. It will be so liberating!

More as it develops.

Off to bed to read that Oprah Book Club Selection...

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