Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My White Knight

Jack is clearly into the knight thing lately. Here he is standing on our annoying patio surface. This surface was put in by the last owners (and builders) of our house. It is the surface of all the house walkways, and of the two back patios. From a distance, it is charming and cottage-ey. Close up, it looks like it is falling apart. And from a practical standpoint, it is a broken ankle waiting to happen. Especially after a martini. We hate it but aren't going to replace it because we are selling the house. Well, we hope the house will sell, anyway. In this market, houses in this price range don't have a large buyer pool so I think it will be hit or miss. We will see.

More later.

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Florida Perrywinkle, The Media Wave Collective said...

if there was one major flaw of the knights armor in the middle ages it's that they didn't have proper eye protection. isn't it always the young children who come up with the simplest yet most ingenius ways of improving our lives?