Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ms. Box
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Jack had a playdate today with his shy friend who wants to be called Miss Box. I just wanted to post the picture. They were cute together.

We had dinner with Miss Box and her family tonight and it was really fun. The kids behaved well and the grownup conversation was lively and comfortable.

BloomingtonGirl is a feeling a bit blue tonight. I think that it is because I have been working hard on that essay I mentioned and I just can't finish it. What I have is stinky for the most part. I think that I should just give up the notion of entering the contest so that I can be happy writing again. Because, believe me...I have been very unhappy writing this forced thing and it is taking up lots of my time. Most likely I will give it one more shot tomorrow morning and see if I can get it in the mail.

Good night for now. Off to read Anna.

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