Friday, May 12, 2006

Quick Update on a Friday Night

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This picture is a recent self portrait of Jack. He was taking pictures in the car on the way home from school last week. I don't know why but I love this shot. I guess every mother loves every picture of their kids, right?

So, it is Friday night here in Bloomington. The day was cold and rainy. Our real estate broker was here all morning measuring and photographing the house. It was a lot of work getting the place photo ready, let me tell you. I will let my loyal readers know when it is hitting MLS so that you, along with the nosey folks here in Bloomington can peer into our little sanctuary.

I hope the place sells. It is a little pricey for this market (back East our friends would laugh at the prices here...laugh in disbelief, that is.) But here, in the real world, this is an expensive house for which there are relatively few buyers. I hope we have luck and have it early in the game. I don't want to have to keep the place in pristine shape for too too long.

In other news, I have been busting my (growing) derriere (sp?) trying to get this essay done to enter in a Glamour Magazine Contest, of all things. It supposed to be 2500 words and it is called, "My Real True Life Story". I sure have a story to tell, but I just can't seem to get it told in essay form. I have to postmark it tomorrow and I am going to do it come hell or high water or bags of junk food binges. Whatever it takes. 6000 people entered last year. I know I won't win but I just want to enter some sort of writing contest just to feel like I did something.

Well, off to bead to read the work of a real writer. Leo Tolstoy. A genius. Even though I know what happens at the end of ANNA KARENINA, I keep hoping it won't. Silly me.

Bye for now.

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Valerie said...

Jack is the spitting image of the two of you! Absolutely stunning!