Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Small House

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I have been going room to room, preparing this home for sale. So far, I have finished the master closet (more aptly called a dressing room) and the master bath. Because of the size of these rooms, I am embarrassed to say, it was no small task. How liberating it will be to have a smaller house!

When Chris and I were going through the pros and cons of selling, I tried to think about my favorite rooms in this house. I came up with one. It is what we call the Library. I like it because it is small and cozy. The other rooms, while light and pretty, are just too large for me.

The only real heartbreak of moving to another place is that we have really GREAT neighbors. I am sad over that. They are sad too. When we moved from CT, we didn't even know our neighbors well enough for them to be sad. And we have lived on Mine Hill Road for YEARS.

Today's projects are my office & laundry room and the upstairs. As I write this, I realize how boring this entry probably is for my loyal readers. Worry not, I will jazz it up sometime in the very near future.

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