Saturday, June 03, 2006

Delicious Treats & Weekend Update

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And this is the inside of one of the gift packs I made for Jack's teachers. I don't know why I would post these other than to show off because I thought the little suitcases and the labels were so very cute. There. I showed off. Hope you liked it. I hope his teachers liked the cookies, too.

This weekend was pretty nice. Last night Chris and I went out for sushi and then decided last minute to go and see "Thank You for Smoking". I really enjoyed it. Entertaining, well acted, fun & not too long. I give it two thumbs up.

Today, Jack had his friend Frannie over (aka Ms. Box from a previous post.) She is an absolute doll and they seem to get along really well. Except for the part where Jack got pissed off at her for drawing a little tiny pink dot on the drawing he was working on. He took his marker and basically scribbled all over her drawing and destroyed it. They made up later over popsicles, but if he doesn't stop this kind of obnoxious behaviour, the kid ain't gonna have any friends. He has such a little temper. I wonder where he gets it.

While Jack swam at Frannie's house later, Chris and I swam laps at the wonderful IU pool. It was heaven. Later on, a babysitter came and we went out for dinner and a play. We ate outdoors at a new Turkish place (not that new...we just hadn't tried it) and it was really good. Then, we went to a play at our favorite small theatre in town. It was well acted for a local production and enjoyable but the play wasn't all that good of a play.

Well, I just looked at the clock. Sorry that there was nothing witty or thought provoking in this post. (Or many other posts lately.) It is just too late to squeeze something worth reading out of my tired little brain. Fear not, though, loyal readers. I leave for Herkimer on Monday and on that trip I certainly gather lots of weird stuff for the blog whether I want to or not.

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