Friday, June 02, 2006

Waiting for the Car & Hogging the Computer

I am waiting for my car to be done with it's overpriced service while I hog this computer in the waiting room. To be fair, nobody else looks as if they are wanting to use it. If they do, they will just have to kick me off. So there.

I suppose I could turn around and ask if anyone wants to use this.


Kate left yesterday for NY and after I dropped Jack off at school, I went home to an empty house. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I really enjoyed having Kate here for an extended visit - we have so much fun together - but it is a relief to be getting back in my routine again. At least until Monday when I begin the forced march to upstate NY to see the parentals. Jack and I are DRIVING!!! to Herkimer to see my parents who will consistently forget to read food labels and eat peanut butter with Jack in the room. Delightful.

Whenever we visit, which is not so often now that we live in the good old heartland, my mother always says, "I'll make spaghetti and meatballs for you". And, that is all she will cook while we are there. On the first night, we will have spaghetti and meatballs. The next night, we will order pizza from Yetty's, which I must admit makes the best pizza in the universe. On the third night, we will have spaghetti and meatballs again. And of course, no fresh vegetables - unless you count iceberg lettuce salad doused in Wishbone EYEtalian dressing. On the fourth night, I will flee to my dear friend Cindy's house. On the fifth night, back to my parents for meatball sandwiches.

I don't think that my mother was always a one dish wonder. I try to remember whether we ate other things growing up and I have to say that I belive that we did. In fact, I don't even remember having spaghetti and meatballs all that often as a kid. But now, that is all I get. Well, and bologna, tomato and may sandwiches on white bread for lunch. Okay, I admit it...that is my favorite sandwich in the world. I never order it in public nor do I make it in the privacy of my own home. But when in Rome...

My car is ready! Bye for now.


A Chef from Kinderhook said...

Driving from Indiana? For the love of Pete woman are you out of your mind? Wait, who am I to talk. We drove to Florida for two years straight. Two coolers, 12 volt heated aluminum coffee cups, every kind of salted and unsalted nut on the planet, Pringle's, Dorito's, Tostito's, salsa, Starburst, Tillimook Jerky, raisins, fruit streamers, Cheeze It's, carrot sticks, celery sticks, apples and oranges, and yes a bag of circus peanuts. We spent more money on snacks than gas, and to save time from stopping and taking a leak ( My 12 oz. bladder can be a real wrench in the clock) I used a mayonnaise jar to pee in and I would empty it when we all would have to go( at this point the jar would almost be full). Ah, the good old days! And yes, Yetty's has the best pizza in the universe. Those Mohawk Valley EYEtalian's know thier pie! Hope you enjoy your visit at home with the folks.

PS- Be carefull cutting that pizza.If you slip,those knife marks can be painful and unsightly!!!!

Perk said...

Ah, the trip to the Mohawk Valley...didn't your Mom used to make golumpki's? And what about
No trip to the valley would be complete without a dose of sausage.

Yes, be careful about those sharp implements and their potential for below-the-belt unsightly scarring that could lead to awkward moments in petting.

Anonymous said...

My mom made some good food which I don't really remember but I do remember the macaroni and cheese with Keilbasa sausage on the side-- (the sausage always made me burp for days and looked like fried penises.) Also remember cube steaks. Not tube steaks but cube. I remember them as a really tough cut of beef that looked like someone had taken a hammer and flattened the shit out of it. Except that did nothing to tenderize it. It was full of grizzle and tasted horrible -- but as luck would have it, good ole Heinz ketchup (a somewhat permanent fixture on our table) came to the rescue. My mom also made saurbraten which was horrible and this other dish with wilted cabbage which was finished off with slices of hotdogs sprinkled on top. Can you imagine using a hotdog as a garnish? Our vet now recommends that chopped hotdog pieces are good to use for dog training.
I haven't seen my mom make that dish in years. Hopefully she lost the recipe but I doubt it. Probably just forgot where she shoved it last. I'll let you know if that dish ever surfaces again...I'll post it on your recipe blog.

BloomingtonGirl said...

Who ever thought that the topic of Herkimer cuisine would elicit so many and such witty responses?
I spoke to my mother today who surpised me by saying that she had made a ham (nasally pronounced) and was making some soup, too. I was faint with excitement.

I remember cube steaks too. Where was that cut of meat from? The soles of the cow's feet? Fried until any drop of juice evaporated and then doused with Heinz on white bread was the way we ate it.
How on earth did we ever survive that nutrition?

Perk said...

I grill cube steaks all the time...they can be quite tasty after being tenderized with Adolph's meat tenderizer mixed with Montreal steak seasoning and grilled rare to medium rare. The thickest cuts are the best with as few striations of fat as possible.

Anonymous said...

The operative word to Perk's response is "grill". My parents NEVER grilled anything. We're talking "pan fried" everything and fried to oblivion! I can hear the searing sizzle noise now. "And make sure there's no pink inside" my dad demands. Every cut of meat we ate was cooked till it was completely dried out and tasteless. "You might get trichinosis" my mom would warn. Of course pork or turkey gravy usually saved us this time.
Thirty years later and my parents have made some progress albeit small. They own a gas grill!! However, they never and I mean NEVER use it. The only time it is used is when we run out of gas in our grill and we go over to their house and fire up theirs. Even then my mother comes out and asks me if I really know how to start the grill without blowing up the place. I try to assure her (without too much sarcasm and rolling of the eyes) that "I think so."