Monday, July 31, 2006

Blueberry Buckle & Other Musings

Blueberry Buckle
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I am on a fruit dessert making frenzy. This is a picture of a Blueberry Buckle I made with a quart of local blueberries early last week. Following that, I made a peach cobbler, a peach crisp and tomorrow, I think I am going to make some kind of "betty". Jack vetoed Blueberry Grunt because it "sounded gross." Loyal readers, lest you think I jest, a Grunt is a cobbler type fruit dessert that differs from cobber in that it is made on the stove top and thus produces more of a steamed rather than baked biscuit topping.

While most people I know gain weight in the winter, I tend to put on the pounds in the summer because the food is just so great. I suppose I don't have to bake stuff with the local supply of fruit...I could just eat it plain. But, I'm in the heartland now, and hey, that's how we do things here.

Today was a billion degrees but it felt like a billion and ten with the humidity. I tried to take a positive look at the weather, reasoning that people actually paid money for steam baths and I could just go outside for free. But, not being a heat lover, I just stayed inside most of the day trying to break through my writer's block and baking chocolate chip cookies. (I have been working on a new recipe and am close to being happy with it.) The cookie baking was much more productive than the writing, unfortunately. Alas, I shall try again tomorrow.

Well, my bed is calling to me. I am going to curl up with this absolute piece of trash book that I started reading for fun. It is called MR DARCY TAKES A WIFE and it is a pretend sequel to the Jane Austen masterpiece PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, which is one of my very very favorite books. DARCY is not a good book but it is mindless and that is what I am in the mood for. Last night, we watched the movie "Syrianna" and it made me so distressed that I decided I needed a healthy dose of pure entertainment. I do strongly recommend "Syrianna" however, for anyone who might be interested in that sort of thing. It was an excellent film. A bit hard to follow, but if you rent it, you can at least rewind.

Well, that is all for now.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the good old days when one could kick back with a couple of vodka martinis and let the cookie recipe develop on its own?

BloomingtonGirl said...

Since you are anonymous, I cannot be sure to what you refer. Is it to "drunk" cookies? If so, that was, if you can believe it, during a time before I had my first martini...

Alas, it was the consumption of too much white wine that caused the recipe to develop on its own.

And a fine recipe it was, indeed.