Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hang In There, Loyal Readers

Ah, Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl has not deserted you! Nay! I have been working on a little commentary about Peter Cook (the soon to be ex Mr. Christie Brinkley) and his philandering. I haven't been able to finish it but I hope to wrap it up tomorrow and post it in this very space.

Since my last post, Jack and I have been to Williamsburg VA to attend the McGary family reunion without my husband, who had to work. And, since I have been back, I have done very little writing of any kind. Chris and I have adopted the bad (but enjoyable) habit of watching "The Cobert Report" nightly and that has taken up what little time I would normally be using to post on this blog. I plan to turn over a new leaf this week, however, and spend a portion of ever day writing while Jack is at day camp.

In brief, all goes well here. More tomorrow. I promise.

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