Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Very Brief Update from a Tired BloomingtonGirl

I was tickled to see how many comments my little piece on Peter Cook and the hunky swim instructor inspired. In addition to the posted comments, I got a few private emails. I think that this topic needs further addressing. I am far too tired to do that tonight, though.

In a funny twist to my little Ellis story, after Jack's swim lesson this evening, Jack informed me that Ellis told him he would be interested in babysitting! I had never brought this up, honest. What lead to Ellis expressing interest was that he spoke to another instructor, Amber, who babysits for Jack when she is home from college. Amber taught Jack last summer and stays with him here from time to time. Apparently, Amber mentioned to Ellis that Jack might need a babysitter when she goes back to school. Isn't fate funny?

Seriously, I am completely over the Ellis attraction and I will tell you what did it. He simply runs his hands through his hair a bit too frequently and let's face it, it is hard for me personally to be attracted to someone who says "SA-WEET" when he thinks favorably of something. This is another piece of experiential data in my quest for truth about what makes men and women different in the area of mid-life crisis attractions and affairs.

The good news is that since I no longer find him attractive, I can add him to my babysitting list without guilt. After all, I am a practical girl. You can never have too many good babysitters.

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