Monday, August 14, 2006

Kate & Vanessa

Kate & Vanessa
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This is a picture of Kate and her new Australian friend, Vanessa, in NYC about a month ago. Vanessa is a second cousin to one of Chris's partners here and we arranged to have Vanessa stay with Kate in NY while she was travelling around the states this summer. The girls hit it off so well that when Kate came to visit this weekend, Vanessa stayed with us too. (She has been in Bloomington for the past couple of weeks with her relatives and has been a babysitter for Jack...we have adopted Vanessa into our extended family.) It is such a treat when a chance meeting can result in a nice friendship.

In other news, Chris and I went to see The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orch. on Saturday night.

Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra

They always play here as part of the IU Summer Music Festival and they are world class musicians. For here, it is an expensive ticket ($20) but still very cheap and only five minutes from home. I again sing the praises of this town. On Sunday night, Chris, Kate, Vanessa and I went to a free outdoor bluegrass concert at a park in town. We brought a picnic and some wine and really enjoyed ourselves.

I wish this post could be more interesting, edgier and funnier, but alas, it isn't. When Jack goes back to school on Wednesday, I will again have some time to write. Wednesday can't come fast enough...

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I love stories of authentic friendship. Everybody needs a good friend.