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Mrs. Robinson: Fictional and Real Life

Mrs. Robinson
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One of my recent posts took up the issue of the mid-life crisis affair with one who is half one's age.

Christie Brinkley

I opined that men seemed to have those kind of affairs more than woman because they could. Women, I theorized, were less likely to think themselves attractive to younger men, therefore less likely to act for fear of humiliation. (Plus, I think that it is a fact that older women ARE less attractive to younger men so a younger man is less likely to pursue her.)

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. A couple of which came to mind this week. Affairs with some extra complications.

Take for example the iconic Mrs. Robinson, pictured here with her befuddled Benjamin. In the film The Graduate, Mrs. Robinson seduces Benjamin before he falls in love with her daughter, Elaine. It's pretty bad that poor Elaine must deal with the fact that the man she loves has already been bedded by her mother, of all people. But at least Elaine can't fault her for stealing her boyfriend, because she wasn't seeing Benjamin when the affair begins. The whole situation is a mess, of course, but it is only fiction.

And now, a non-fiction example. In my very own home town of Herkimer, the current big gossip is of a real Mrs. Robinson incident. I heard the rumor from my personal Herkimer Gossip Source. I will not mention her name because it isn't nice to implicate your own mother. The rumor concerns a 46 year-old woman who graduated Herkimer High two years ahead of me. For the sake of not naming names, let's call the woman in question Cookie. Cookie is married with a daughter who is about twenty. Whether Cookie has other kids, I don't know. My nephew used to date Cookie's daughter at one point, but he has nothing to do with this story, thank goodness. Anyway, my mother, oops, Gossip Source, said that she "knew something was going on in Cookie's marriage when she saw Cookie coming out of a law office recently. (Apparently, in Herkimer, the only reason one visits a lawyer is to dissolve one's marriage. How odd, but I digress.) Some time after the law office sighting, my Source got the goods on Cookie. Cookie was indeed getting a divorce and the reason was this: Cookie's daughter had walked in on Cookie in the hot embrace of the daughter's very own boyfriend.

Why-oh-why do people do such things? It is one thing to have an affair but quite another to so completely betray every aspect of your relationship with your own daugther! Honestly, what are people thinking when they embark on such madness? That they won't get caught? And even if you never got caught, how could you face your kid? I just can't imagine it. Truly, I can't. If I were going to have an affair, as a practical matter, I would be certain to go pretty far afield of my daily contacts. In pure fact, you don't know far many more people than you know, so why not choose from the larger pool? MUST one seduce or succumb to seduction by someone a family member is dating?

I heard of another case in CT where a husband was having an affair with his wife's sister. The wife found out about the affair but never found out who the woman was. The husband broke it off and the couple went on to work things out and be happy again. BUT, the rotten sister/lover revealed herself to her wronged sister years later because she felt guilty. PUHLEASE! Guilty? I beg to differ. Selfish is more like it. She just couldn't stand that her lover had broken it off and chosen her sister in the end. That woman should be beheaded, if you ask me. What? Too harsh a punishment? Nah, I don't think so.

There is no compelling point to this post, other than such stuff happens in real life and sensational gossip such as this, even when you don't really know the person, is just too good to keep. (I guess that is why the tabloid magazines sell so well.) Truth be told, I am suffering a major confidence crisis about my writing ability so I am just blathering on for the sake of making an entry.

In other news, well, there is no other news. Perhaps some will develop and I will post later.

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HMMMMMMMM? A 46 year old Herkimer woman? The Rumor mill obviously hasn't hit these parts yet!!!