Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Readers Like Dirty Talk

I have had several comments on my last post about cleaning the shower which leads me to think that my readers like it when I talk dirty. Never one to disappoint my loyal fans, I will give you more of what you like.

Yesterday, I decided that I would start the room by room deep cleaning of this McMansion with an attack on the dirt and grime of the mud room. After scrubbing the mud room and organizing its closet, I proceeded to rid the hallway from the garage to the kitchen of its dust and dirt and then cleaned the powder room. It took me about two hours to accomplish all of this by the time I finished mopping the floors and dusting the baseboards.

Today, my plan is to do the giant and useless waste of space that is the foyer, the dining room and the library. In the dining room, I will do a ruthless clean out of the dishes that I will never use and sell them on e-bay. I will also get rid of really ugly table linens that I must have purchased while under the influence of alcohol. One only needs white china and white linens. And one only needs that when one entertains, which we seem to do very little of since we moved to Bloomington. Maybe I am too busy dusting to organize one of my wonderful dinner parties...

In other news, I learned yesterday that as women approach menopause, they start having elevated levels of testosterone in their bloodstream. This can lead to an increase in fat around the midsection. And here all this time I thought I was eating too much. I don't have to worry about dieting.

In other other news, Jack had his six year check up yesterday and the nurse who measured his height said that she has never seen a kid his age grow so much in one year. He is off the charts and seems to be accelerating. If only he would do his Hoosier duty and get interested in the holiest of all holy Hoosier sports.

Well, off to do the dirty work.

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Anne said...

You are so funny! :-) Seems like you are in need of some more things to much do you charge and do you travel? :-) More you bring dessert??!! or for that matter any of the dishes you have mentioned in you blogs!!