Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nobody Likes a Vegan

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Well, I shouldn't say that. Some of my best friends are Vegans, actually. Hmm, that isn't actually true, either. One of my good aquaintences is Vegan. And, I happen to be cooking dinner tomorrow night for a couple of Vegans. That is why I am even thinking of Vegans. Otherwise, your Bloomingtongirl, staunch fan of butter, cream, eggs and various kinds of meat, wouldn't give the Vegans a thought.

The lucky Vegans who will feast upon dinner cooked by yours truly tomorrow night are "Mr. B", one of the first grade teachers at Jack's school, and his wife. They just had a baby. In these here Midwestern parts, when a family has a baby, it is customary for friends and aquaintences to sign up to cook dinners for them. It lasts anywhere from three weeks to a month, depending on how popular the people are and if they have a friend who organizes it for them.

In case you don't know what a Vegan is, it is someone abstains from any animal product or by-product. They don't eat meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream or any dairy product. Honey is a no-no and for some really strict Vegans, refined sugar is banned because it is processed with some kind of bone char. I sort of get why one might not eat meat or fish but it is a stretch for me to understand going without dairy products or honey. In fact, I just visited a bee farm and those bees seemed happy to me and not at all exploited. The farmers let them fly around outside but they always came back, so there.

With the Vegan restrictions in mind, I developed a menu. The main dish was easy since I have a fabulous recipe for a Minestrone Stew, which, just happens to be Vegan. A nice baguette will go with it - also Vegan. For a side dish with some protein, I shall steam up some Edamame. But, for dessert, I was a little stumped. I could do a fruit salad, but I wanted to do something more than that. I can't recall ever baking a cake or cookies without eggs...what to do? I went to my Oracle, the Internet and there I found a recipe for Vegan Chocolate Cake that contains no eggs, no butter, no milk. The ingredients were very simple and easy to put together. Flour, sugar, brewed coffee, baking soda, vanilla, salt, cocoa, vegetable oil and cider vinegar. I was skeptical, but I think that it might have come out well. The batter was delicious (and no pesky raw eggs to worry about.) and the cake itself looks really normal. Hold on for a minute while I try it....

.....Hmm...not bad. Not bad at all. While it isn't as good as a "real" cake, I have to admit it is quite tasty and moist. I will post the recipe on my recipe site for those times when you have a chocolate cake emergency but no eggs on hand. Or, for those times when pesky vegans are coming to visit. Or for those times when someone who can't have any cholesterol at all needs to have some chocolate cake.

Bye for now, loyal readers.


Anonymous said...

Do you think it is really OK that Vegans eat fruits and vegetables? After all, I know bees and other insects (many endangered) are made to work overtime, at odd hours, 7 days per week in some fields and in unsafe weather conditions pollinating those plants!! If they really followed the trail of labor, Vegans would resort to water and dirt...then again, what about those poor worms? FOK

Anonymous said...

Do vegans breast feed their children?

BloomingtonGirl said...

Excellent question about the breast feeding. I don't know but I will ask. I imagine it is a quandry for the real deep down vegan. After all, if their kid drinks the breast milk, it automatically makes him a non-vegan. Wow. Heavy.