Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Published Again and Not a Little Surprised

I can't recall whether I informed my loyal readership that my letter to the editor of the Bloomington Herald Times about obesity was indeed published a couple of weeks after I submitted it. To my husband's great relief, we didn't have a gaggle of pissed-off fat people with torches come down our driveway, bent on revenge. The letter was published and a few of my husband's collegues commented on it (very favorably, I might add), and that was that.

Well, today, I was quite surprised to open our little newspaper to see my name on the Opinion page yet again. I had submitted a letter last week without intent of having it published. I just wanted to voice my opinion on something. I thought that they usually called to confirm that you want your letter published and since they hadn't called, I forgot all about it. Well, here it is:

Shocked, appalled by ad (the "headline read")

To the editor:

I was shocked and appalled at the H-T's lack of judgment in their placement of a quarter page advertisement for a product promising "Better Sex" right next to "Youth Sports" in the sports section. The content of this ad, which discusses, among other things, poor male performance, sexual dissatisfaction and "orgasms you've been missing out on" is completely inappropriate to be run anywhere in our community newspaper, let alone on a page where children will turn to see the photos of themselves or their peers.

How could the H-T have such an error in judgment? Did the sponsor of the ad pay so much that you lost your common sense?

I am not sure it is appropriate to even print this letter to call further attention to the ad. I just wanted to make my views known. I imagine you will receive many such letters.

-Joni McGary, Bloomington

I got an e-mail and a few phone calls today from people saying that they had seen the letter and to "keep up my activism."

I have to say that I am sort of chuckling about it because I never thought that I would be one to be "shocked and appalled" over something like this. Boy, do times change, eh? I hate to be perceived as a prude or (worse) a republican, but the placement and content of the ad was simply inappropriate. So there. I did my little civic duty to keep our paper safe from smut.

In other news, potential buyers for our house are starting to surface after a three week silence. This time of year is usually dead in this very school year driven cyclical market and then things pick up a bit in the fall before going totally silent after Thanksgiving. We had someone come last weekend and another person is scheduled for Thursday. I know that I should be happy that we might sell the house, but truth be told, I have gotten over wanting to sell it. In fact, the thought of packing up everything and moving again just makes me want to take to my bed (after a martini or two, of course.) I just don't feel like moving. There, I said it.

But, I have to continue to take the long look. This place is way too big for us and we don't need the headache of taking care of the property...etc... I am going to write that 100 times on Jack's blackboard upstairs in his playroom before I go to sleep just to make sure it sinks in.

Well, off to bed to read my trashy but entertaining novel.

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Perk said...

My impression is that one of the "youth sports" today is, in fact, "orgasms you've been missing out on"...kudos to you for doing the right thing. I'm a little shocked that such a thing would be in a newspaper in Bloomington. L.A., sure, but not "family values" Indiana...