Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rude People Report

A couple of rude people sightings:

1. Out side of the IU outdoor pool, there is a large crosswalk that allows swimmers to cross safely to the parking lot for the facility, which is across a fairly busy street. From my experience, I would say that most people stop for you if you are in the crosswalk or if you have a kid with you. Often, they don't stop if you are without a kid and not yet in the crosswalk. It isn't a big deal either way because while the street is busy, there are sufficient lulls in traffic for crossing conveniently.

The other night, after the first evening swim lesson and before the second, the area on both sides of the crosswalk were populated with parents coming and going with their kids to lessons. Among these parents was a solo adult woman, intending to cross to the pool from the parking lot. She proceeded and was just a bit into the crosswalk when an SUV drove by, not stopping for her or anyone else waiting to cross. She was angry at the driver's lack of consideration and yelled at him. "IT'S A CROSSWALK YOU ASSHOLE!" I have to ask you loyal readers. Who was less considerate? The ASSHOLE screaming woman in front of twenty or so kids under the age of ten or the driver?

2. Yesterday I was in the baking aisle in the Kroger and another woman was in the aisle on her cell phone. She is a super buff athlete who I see often at the pool. Anyway, she was deep into a loud conversation, which in itself, was a bit annoying. I always hate that because I end up feeling as if I am intruding upon their private conversation when indeed, it is they who are intruding on my public experience by making me LISTEN to their not-so-private conversation. Anyway, she was telling some kind of story that for some reason made it necessary for her to say "throwing up" over and over. I am not kidding, she kept telling the person on her phone about having to tell someone over and over that she was throwing up. It was bizarre and annoying.

Well, loyal readers, time to go to bed to read the lusty adventures of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Worry not, my next book will be either real literature or a historical something or other.

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