Monday, August 28, 2006

Scrub City

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If it takes over an hour and almost a whole can of cleanser to clean the master shower, then a few things must be true. First, the shower is WAY too big. Second, it doesn't get cleaned it often enough. Third, a professional might be better equiped to do the job.

It is times like these when I cannot wait for someone to buy this house so that they can have the pleasure of cleaning the shower. Or, the pleasure of paying someone to do it, which is what most people with homes this size do. Our master shower is all tiled and the tile/grout combination needs lots of cleaning maintenance.

I know that tiles are supposed to be in better taste than those one piece fiberglass things that you can get for your shower or bath, but truth-be-told...the next time I have the choice, I will opt for the fiberglass and suffer the sneers of the interior decorating police. The older I get, the more I want things that are practical and easy. If I have to sacrifice style for it, I don't mind doing it. What a freedom. If only I could have seen the light on this earlier in life.

I used to have a cleaning lady in CT but when we moved here, I decided that I didn't need one, since both girls were out on their own and all I had to do was take care of Chris, Jack and myself. When we lived in our little rental house, it was one thing, but when we moved into the McMansion, it became something else entirely. Still, I would rather clean myself than pay someone to do it. I don't mind cleaning and I would rather not have someone working for me in my home. Growing up on Pigtail Alley in Herkimer, NY, I was never comfortable with having domestic help of any kind. To be truthful, the house isn't as squeaky clean as it might be, but I do manage to keep up with it fairly well.

I know that this is a silly blog, but it is what is on my mind tonight. I would write more but my hands are so tired and dry from scrubbing with cleanser that I just want to go to bed and read. But, that might not be so relaxing either since I can't get the smell of bleach off my hands or out of my nostrils. (I decided to go the extra mile tonight. After physically scrubbing every last bit of scum off of the five million tiles in our stupid shower, I did a generous wash down of all shower surfaces with a bleach solution. It made me feel mighty, but it sure does smell rather noxious. My lungs hurt a bit...Did I breathe in too much chorline? I tried not to...) If I don't post again any time soon, you can assume that I was overcome by chlorine inhalation and had to take a break.


Perk said...

Good strong industrial rubber gloves and a respirator, maybe eye protection too, all available at your local hardware store.

Remember those "Colonie Girls" who cleaned people's homes in Herkimer? They weren't developmentally disabled, they were suffering from chronic exposure to toxic chemicals. I should talk; oil paint, solvents and pesticides are my daily fare. At least I quit smoking.

BloomingtonGirl said...

Wow...the colonie girls...hadn't heard that term in years. How many were there?

dick said...

Your first mistake was using Bon Ami!!! Just kidding. Were they Colonie or Colony girls? I always thought they were Colony. We had a gal named Margaret, from the Colony/Colonie that used to clean the Funeral Homes for us. She was very nice and very good at her job despite her shortcomings. All of us kids thought the world of her.

Perk said...

Dick, you're absolutely right--they were Colony Girls; I guess those years of living in the Capital District infused Colonie into my brain...

Anne said...

Be careful not to mix any cleaners as you acutally COULD die! My father (a retired pathologist) told me that (when I complained about my grout in my NYC pre-war bathroom). Believe me I can understand the frustration! I have spent MANY hours on my quest for clean grout! If they can send people to the moon why can't someone invent mold free grout! Is that too much to ask??