Friday, September 29, 2006

Are they Serious?

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I browsed the Sony site today because a relative mentioned that she just got a new flat screen TV and I wanted to see the model. I never got that far because I was riveted by the marketing on the Sony website for their new TVs. I happened upon the "Choose Your Model" section of their site. On this page, Sony helps you determine your TV needs with a couple of questions - What will you be watching on your TV and how big is your room? - and these parts of the page are reasonable and helpful enough, especially for someone such as your BloomingtonGirl who really would need this kind of basic help. But right under this part is a section that begs the question, "Is Sony Serious?".

This section was called "Decision Aids - Helpful Tips. Quick suggestions on the practical side of buying a Sony HDTV." There were three tabs on which to click.

Tab 1: Finance. Click and a panel is revealed that says "Financing your HDTV. Sony HDTV is affordable. Sony Financial Services can make getting an HDTV easy. Find out how affordable your new HDTV can be. " (If you have to finance a new Sony HDTV...Hello? You CAN'T afford one.)

Tab 2: "How to talk to my wife" (I couldn't make this up). Click on this panel to see a photo of an upscale white couple in evening dress, apparently on their way out for the evening, walking past a beautiful Sony TV on the wall. The text reads, "It's your marriage. We'll be able to cuddle on the couch and enjoy all those romantic comedies. A new Sony HDTV will only strengthen our relationship." Sony had better run this up the legal flagpole because someone is going to sue them over this advice. My guess is that even if the cuddling on the couch and the enjoyment of all those romatic comedies did come to pass, the wife will only end up comparing her marital romance with the Hollywood version and divorce her TV-watching husband. A battle over who gets the new Sony HDTV will follow. And besides, what husband "enjoys romantic comedies"? Please.

Tab 3: "How to Talk to My Husband" Click on this tab to see a photo of a young Asian couple. The wife is holding her open eye glasses in her hand - apparently a clue that she has been crunching the numbers. The text? "It will save money. Dinner and a movie can get really expensive. A new Sony HDTV will really end up costing us less." Poor things. Their only recreational choices seem to be going out for expensive dinners followed by movies OR staying at home and watching a new Sony HDTV. Glad I'm not in those shoes.

Right now, loyal readers, I am actually in my fuzzy socks, sitting in bed in my flannel PJs writing to you. My poor husband is working the late shift today and won't be home for another hour. Jack is fast asleep and the house is almost silent.

I would keep writing but my reading list has been getting rather long lately and I want to give it some attention. On my trip, I read the latest Vogue cover to cover and I am here to tell you that I learned interesting stuff and enjoyed the very well written articles. It is not just a fashion magazine. I am so glad that I ordered it. One article that particularly interested me was about cooking "sous vide" . I might even try it on salmon.

On my trip back I splurged for the latest Harper's and was glad that I did, though in doing so, I broke my "current events fast". I am a glutton for punishment, I guess. Worry not, though. I am not going to comment here on the content of the compelling articles I read. It would get my blood pressure up and I don't want to do that before bedtime.

Bye for now, loyal readers.

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