Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BloomingtonGirl Stands Corrected

Loyal readers, I apologize for an error in my post about Favors a couple days ago. Friend No. 2 is indeed NOT a staunch Republican but a registered Democrat who has been leaning toward being more conservative in the past several years. I stand corrected and beg for your forgiveness for so falsely representing my good Friend No. 2.

You will be happy to know that Friend No. 2 and I have reached an agreement on what it is he will pay me for my favor. The details are private and cannot be disclosed here.

After all, a girl's got to have some mystery.


Friend #2 said...

It was mighty big of you to ask your readers for their forgiveness, but we are all human and by our very nature, prone to error. No need for begging my forgiveness BloomingtonGirl. I'm a naturally forgiving sort.

Perk said...

What's efwwa?
Excellent friend with washed ass?

Ever forgiving with wisdom always?

Both are certainly true but I bet it's something else...


Dick said...

Dear ykbs(your kindred brother Steven?), actually efwwa are those letters you have to identify on the bottom of the response page. I must have had my curser in the top box instead of in the bottom square. And yes I try to keep my ass excelently(sp) washed. Very clever perk!!

Perk said...

ykbs--Your knucklehead buddy Steven.