Tuesday, September 05, 2006

me with freckles & nothing interesting to say

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This is a picture of me with the freckles that I get now in the summer. I always wanted to have more freckles but I never expected that I would actually get this many.

Jeez...I need some more material, don't you think?

I am having writer's block and an almost complete confidence crisis as far as my writing goes. I can think of few topics to write about and those that do come to mind aren't fertile ground for the old BloomingtonGirl wit lately. Is this the end of my writing career? I certainly hope not for a couple of good reasons. First, I would hate to lose this crazy illusion that I am a WRITER on the verge of getting published and acheiving fame and money. Second, I already paid my tuition for my writing group this semester so I can't fold my tent now.

I guess I could tell you what has happened to me since I woke up this morning. I got out of bed and got dressed, ate some ten- grain cereal, got Jack ready for school, took Jack to school, took Zoe to the groomer, cleaned my office, picked up Zoe from the groomer, did an hour long "power walk" while listening to the audio book 1776 by David McCullough, pondered how much history repeats itself, pondered how wretched war is, took a shower, ate lunch in front of the TV while I watched the end of a movie I started last night (P.S. I ALMOST NEVER EVERY WATCH TV DURING THE DAY), organized my office, washed some laundry, folded some laundry, went grocery shopping, picked up Jack from school, brought him home, got him ready for karate, took him to karate, took him back home immediately due to his PANIC at how large the new class was, lamented his shyness and fear while trying not to make him feel ashamed about it, cooked dinner, played StarWars with Lego mini action figures, oversaw Jack's piano practice, greeted my husband naked at the door when he returned from his long day at work (just kidding), ate dinner, washed dishes, tried to write something interesting and wrote this instead. So, there you are. Now, I shall go to bed, read a book and go to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow I will go out and do something outrageous and report on it. If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to comment here.


Valerie said...

You poor thing. Your life is pitiful. You need more excitement. I will ship my mother to your house for a week.

BloomingtonGirl said...

Please. That might be much more than I could take.
You should ship her to Hazel and ASAP