Tuesday, September 12, 2006


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In this day and age of a million dizzying choices for everything from coffee to cars, it comes as no surprise that retailers such as Old Navy no longer sell regular old T-shirts. You can get the "classic fit", "favorite fit", "stretch fit", "relaxed fit", "seamless fit" and, shown here, the "tiny fit". Okay, I guess that the "tiny fit" is a tight little t-shirt that looks, well, tiny on the person wearing it. And, let's be honest. Nobody above a size small should be wearing the "tiny fit". So, why does the "tiny fit" come in XL? There is nothing tiny about XL. What XL person would even want a "tiny fit"? One could argue that maybe a regular medium person might buy the "tiny fit" in XL because it would probably work out to being a medium, but why wouldn't they just buy a regular medium shirt instead? Who is the "tiny fit" XL marketed to? Loyal readers, I ask you.

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Perk said...

A cultural oddity of the young---I am unfamiliar with XL "tiny fit" but my 6'5" nephew prefers to wear large but tightly fitted shirts. Obviously he's not some eccentric individualist.

The fashion foibles of the young are becoming increasingly bizarre to this 45 year old former hipster. I still miss seeing women in carpenter jeans, painter's paints and overalls. Add a turtleneck, sweater and a puffy down parka and I just might swoon...