Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Not-So-Little-Guy

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There is no mother on earth who does not think her kid gorgeous and I am no exception. I just want to eat him up.

In other news, I am feeling better than I was yesterday. A friend of mine threatened to ship her mother to me so I would have some real problems to complain about and that threat snapped me right out of my funk. Seriously, a long time and wise friend reminded me that I get like this when the fall starts coming around, so it shoudl be no surprise that I have been feeling blue. He also kicked my ass a bit about my writing and as a result, I finished a piece today and got it into form for submission. To what or where, I don't know yet, but by the end of the weekend, believe me, I will.

In other other news, Chris and I rented "The Big Lebowski" tonight. We hadn't seen it in years and really enjoyed it. I liked it more this time around. I might have mentioned that we use Netflix now and it is really great. I would never do that if I still lived in Fairfield, home of the finest video store on the planet. (Read their hilarious blog at the link below.)

Mediawave Blog

But, alas, I live in Bloomington now and the most convenient place to rent movies is the evil Blockbuster.

Well, off to bed now. More when more develops.


Anne said...

Sounds like you are ready for a convertible!

Seriously...even though I still have Jane feels totally weird that Alex (1st grade) is out of the house till almost 4 and I have no idea what he is doing, what he is eating for lunch...etc. etc... and believe me ... I have enough work to do...but is a shock to my system! I love/hate the fact that he (and Jane) are growing up... Once Jane is gone all day...believe me...everything in my house will shine...drawers will get emptied...etc... I look forward to it..and dread it all at the same time...I just have 2 more years to go before my grout will finally be white! I might need to check myself into a mommy asylum..because the thought of it just brought me to tears! :-0

Anne said...

gmAnd BTW! Jack IS gorgeous! :-)