Monday, September 18, 2006

Perfect...until they shrunk

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This is a picture of "Assets" a smoother (or if you must be bone honest...a girdle) sold by Target. No, loyal readers, this is not a photo of your BloomingtonGirl modelling this not-so-sexy garmet. It is just a model who wishes she looked like me.

Anyway, Assets are designed by the same woman who started the wildly successful (and if I may add, fabulously excellent) Spanx product line. Spanx is a line of undergarments for women and they are pricey but, I am starting to think now, worth the price. The line includes pantyhose, footless pantyhose, briefs, bodysuits and all sorts of inventive "just what I needed under this outfit!" garments.

When I spied Spanx's cheaper cousin at Target, I fell for the ploy and plunked down a whopping fifteen smackers for the "Assets Incredible Underwear" (or something like that) because I had purchased a new outfit (not at Target) under which I could use some, shall we say, smoothing. They were perfect until I washed them, using the manufacturer's instructions (cold water) and they shrunk just enough so that when I put them on, I had the unsightly role blubbing over the waistband, which I did NOT have prior to washing them. That slight alteration made the garment unwearable because it created a problem where there wasn't one before. I think that I will take them back when I return to town and put the money toward a real pair of Spanx (sassier name, too, if you ask me.)

You will be relieved to know that I was able to wear the outfit in NY this weekend and looked smashing even without those crummy Assets.

NY was enjoyable and interesting. We went to visit Kate and her boyfriend, Phil. Here are some highlights:

On Saturday night -the night of the great outfit -Chris, Phil, Kate and I went to Phil's Aunt Shelley's apartment for cocktails with Shelley's friend, Andrea and Phil's mom and then out to dinner to meet Phil's grandfather. It was great to be in the city having dinner and also great to get the two families together for the first time. Kate is fortunate to have fallen in with such a nice bunch of people. (Jack stayed at home with one of his favorite babysitters from IU who now works in the cool is that?)

It was a strange feeling to be the parent visiting my grown up daughter in her new place. It made me feel sort of old and out of touch in a way I haven't before. I don't know why but when I visit Meg and Abram, I don't feel that way. I just feel like my same old self.

In NY, for the first time, I identified with parents who live vicariously through their kids. I found myself longing to be young and starting out in NY in an exciting job, living in an exciting apartment and just plain being exciting. I also wanted to help Kate fix up her place by buying her everything she needed and I wanted to run out and buy her tons of new clothes and shoes for her job. It isn't that I am not a generous person, loyal readers, so don't take this next statement the wrong way. I was surprised that I had the impulses to buy all the stuff for Kate. Why? Because I am always quick to say that kids, especially those just starting out, should be making those sorts of purchases on their own in order to learn how to budget and how to do make good buying decisions. But, there I was, wanting to spoil her with everything. I didn't do this, mostly because we didn't have time, but I really wanted to. It also made me want to send Meg a package filled with stuff that I imagine she needs. Maybe I want to buy them stuff now because I don't feel that I have other things to offer them in the way of parenting? Or maybe I am over thinking that one. Who knows?

Another thing that surprised me a bit was how country bumpkin-y I felt in the city.

My guess is some of that was due to now being "from Indiana" rather than Fairfield County and some of it was due to being in a weird frame of mind about my "career" as a homemaker. Seeing Kate starting out in business reminded me of how much I enjoyed my career. She is working on something I know a little about from my working experience and I found myself wanting to say smart things to her and show off what I know (more what I don't know, probably). I felt sort of pathetic for some reason.

Now, having said all this, I don't want my loyal readers to worry that I am unhappy or depressed. Because I am not. Rather, I think that with Jack in school full time now, I have some time on my hands and the luxury of thinking about what it is that I want to do. I have been a mom in an intense way until fairly recently. Things are very different now that both girls are out on their own and doing well. It is a whole new chapter for me.

And, I will start that chapter tomorrow, right after I get some much needed exercise. Oh, and maybe after I do some outlet shopping here. Yeah, I'll start it then.

(We are in Williamsburg, VA for a few days visiting my in-laws, by the way.)

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