Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What to Charge for a Favor & A Magazine Surprise

I have been recently asked to do two very big favors for two friends of mine. These favors are completely unrelated and indeed, the friends do not even know each other. One favor is for "Friend No. 1" and involves time and travel. The other favor is for "Friend No. 2" and involves disclosing something secret, which I have never shared with anyone else.

These two favors have nothing in common but the two friends do. They are both, dare I say it? Staunch Republicans. I know, loyal readers, you are startled to think that your BloomingtonGirl who has been so NOT Republican during this administration, would have good friends who support George Bush. I am startled, too, (and I imagine that they are equally startled to have me as a friend) but you have to realize that I have known "Friend No. 1 for about 22 years and have been through thick and thin with her and I have known "Friend No. 2" for over thirty years and have been through many ins and outs with him. So, in each case, our histories outweigh our political differences...plus, we wisely don't discuss politics.

Anyway, Friend no. 1 is pretty grateful that I have agreed to do this favor for her and Friend No. 2 said he would "do whatever I require" in order to get me to do what he has requested of me.

Now, normally, I would not ask for something in return for a favor to a friend. That just isn't in my nature. But, times being what they are, this might be the time to make an exception.

I think that in exchange for my favors, Friend No. 1 and Friend No. 2 should vote Democrat in the next election. Is that so much to ask? It's just a flick of the finger, right? Or a punch of the paper or a touch of the screen...what the hell is it these days?

In other news, I received W Magazine in the mail today. A 10 X 13 inch, 2.9 pound completely useless publication filled with fashion and society photos and articles. I used to read it at my gym in CT and still do occasionally when I find a copy at the Bloomington Y, which is rare. I was surprised to get W in the mail and wasn't sure if I had subscibed in a Martini moment on line or whether it had been sent as a gift by my way more glam than I am back-East friend who gives me Vanity Fair every year. I suspected both possibilities equally. (After all, in a recent "Peace on Earth" moment, I made an online donation to Code Pink (no, not the porn site, the PEACE movement) and totally forgot all about it until my AMEX card came at which time I had to do some detective work to understand what the hell the charge was for...And, by the way, it isn't as if I am even remotely drunk when these things happen. I just get carried away and then I forget all about it. I am beginning to scare myself.)

So, to be sure that I didn't owe my hip East-coast friend a thank-you, I called W to see who sent me the magazine. It turns out I sent it. When I subscribed to Vogue, I was also subscribing to W. I didn't realize the offer was for BOTH magazines. What an idiot I am.

Tune in tomorrow to see what else arrives unexpectedly in the mail.


Valerie said...

Despite your political and religious views, I know I will see you in heaven, Joni. And I am thankful for that.

BloomingtonGirl said...

Heaven? Will that be any fun? Can we smoke and drink there?

Anonymous said...

"God is the one who chooses our rulers."--Rep. Katherine Harris, explaining why the separation of church and state is "a lie"

See Joni? Friends number 1 and 2 can vote however they like and I'm sure God will still poll through. Refreshing isn't it?