Sunday, October 15, 2006

More from down under...the weather, that is

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It has been almost an entire week now since my bones commenced to ache and I began to feel sub human. And I am sorry to report, loyal readers, that the trend has not been upward. Yesterday was misery as the flu god continued to add new and unpleasant symptoms to my list and today was spent mostly in a deep sleep. I was sick enough that we had to cancel poor Jack's sixth birthday party for the second week in a row. So that we didn't have to continue this scheduling/cancelling thing, we wisely bribed him with a large, expensive, much desired Star Wars Lego kit (The Imperial Star Destroyer...ooooh) to get him to agree to just call it a day as far as his party was concerned. It worked. He spent the day happily putting this monstrosity together and whined almost not at all about being deprived of his sixth birthday celebration. Call me a bad mother. I can take it.

I am not the only ailing McGary. My husband has been coughing for two days and Jack seems to be starting a little relapse of his own, so we have renamed ourselves the Phlegm famly. We sound like a consumption ward. So sad. I can't recall ever having all been sick at the same time. I am hopeful, though, loyal readers. As you can see by my revived wit and energy on this blog, I suspect that I might be turning the corner this evening. (Knock on wood.)

We had a house showing yesterday at 6PM of all times. So, Chris and I spiffed the place up between bouts of coughing up our repsective lungs and, in my case, throwing up lunch. It was pretty pathetic and unpleasant, but the house looked great. As usual, it didn't make any difference because the potential buyers were here for only about 20 minutes and we did not get an offer today on the house. The upside is that the place always looks extra nice after a showing and I don't have to use my time this week to do any cleaning at all for the most part.

The funny thing about the process, is that while I am cleaning the house up for the showing, I am saying things like:

This house will never sell.
Nobody will ever buy this stupid house.
Why were we so stupid to buy this house?
I can't believe we ever bought this place.
What were we thinking?

And then, after we return home and it appears that the people were only briefly here and won't be making an offer:

This is a really nice house.
Why wouldn't someone want to buy the place?
It's really pretty, isn't it?
Somebody will buy it.
It will sell.
I can't believe someone hasn't bought it.

I can only shake my head about all this flip-flopping. I am ambivalent about selling our house but I believe that in the long run, even medium run, we will be better off without it. It will be a freedom to live in a smaller place and I don't think that we will regret it.

That's if we can sell it. We just aren't used to it taking so long. The last house we owned sold in a big bidding war in 24 hours, the house before that, in a week. Toto, we ain't in Fairfield County anymore...

In other news, I have been reading the delightful adventures of Lucia and Mapp. In the twenties, E.F. Benson wrote a series of novels about these two odious women and their friends, all petty, rediculous social climbers in 20s small town Britian. They are great books. Well written and amusing and sadly, out of print. I ordered my copy (the whole collection in one volume called MAKE WAY FOR LUCIA) off Amazon. I think that I shall go to bed and read a bit now before sleeping.

I hope to feel much better tomorrow. We'll see.


Perk said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Dick said...

The KinderhookChef hopes you are better soon also! I have had a pesky little head cold that has since traveled down into my chest, just enough to hack up a brownish loogie in the shower this morning, about the size of a large lima bean. I'm glad it's not the flu!