Saturday, November 04, 2006

BloomingtonGirl Thinks about Paint Colors and Politics

Wouldn't you know it? After we decided that we are probably going to stay in this house rather than sell it, we get a call from a realtor who wants to show it. I don't know why I agreed to it...I guess I was thinking that if someone were to offer the right price, we really should sell it for all of the reasons we first put it on the market. The interested couple came yesterday at noon - after I spent the entire morning making the place spotless - and they stayed twice as long as most of the other potential buyers have. Yikes! The rest of the day, I got anxious every time the phone rang, hoping it wasn't an offer.

Fortunately, we heard nothing from them. Our contract with the listing realtor expires on November 18 and it is unlikely we will get any more showings, given the time of year. If we take the house off the market early, we have to sign papers and deal with some hassle. So, we'll just leave it on until the contract expires and let it go at that.

The picture in this post is, of course, our kitchen. Imagine if you will, the white walls being awash in an eye-catching green. Those who imagine it looking bad may not comment here, by the way. I am going to try some different shades, select one and hire the painter to get it done. I shall post the picture when it is finished.

In other matters, your BloomingtonGirl wrote a letter to Baron Hill this morning. I actually sent him Tom Friedman's editorial from the NY Times this week and a little note with my opinion on one of Hill's recent activities. Hill is the Democratic challenger to Republican incumbent Mike Sodrel for this district's congressional seat. I can't stand Sodrel but I don't much like Hill, either. This past week, Hill returned a contribution campaign from John Kerry in protest of Kerry's mangled and ill-chosen comments about the troops in Iraq. I was so disgusted that Hill gave into this nonsense rather than just discussing the real issue - the actual war in Iraq - and not what John Kerry said. The sad thing is, whatever Kerry meant, the guy is right-on with what he actually said. Most of the soldiers who are joining our military these days - most not all - are people who are on the low socio-economic rung of the ladder and don't have better options.

Speaking of politics, we have been invited to an Election Night Dinner party to "watch the returns come in". This is a new thing for us, having never been invited to such a party. It is a mixed crowd politically, but all of the people coming are reasonable and can discuss their different viewpoints without going up into flames. So, I am actually looking forward to it. Other than our district's congressional race, I am most interested in the CT races - Lieberman's and Shay's particularly.

Well, I am off to bed. More later on the BloomingtonGirl Station.

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