Thursday, November 09, 2006

BloomingtonGirl Weighs In

Not on a scale, of course. That would be too scary right now. I am finally weighing in on the election results. Here in my district, Baron Hill - Democrat - beat incumbent, Mike Sodrel, the anti-flag burning, ten-commandments in the courtroom, anti-gay marriage, don't let Hollywood liberals take over our government guy. From the fliers we were bombarded with, I concluded that those were his key issues. Not one sensible word on the war in Iraq, national security, our dangerous dependence on oil, the impending national health care crisis and oh, yes, last but not least, our HUGE deficit. I voted for Hill - no surprise - but it was tough to do it. He initially ran on the completely stupid "I will lower your gas prices" platform, one that I oppose utterly. And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, he returned Kerry's $1000 campaign contribution because of Kerry's unfortunate remarks. The contest was, in my opinion, a choice of the lesser of two asses. I imagine that many other contests in the country were like this. But, I am quite happy that the Dems will control the congress because it's high time to have some checks on this runaway train we call an administration. I just hope that the Democrats do some good and act as a force for some unity. Time will tell and I am watching with interest. I am disgusted with both parties. I think that it is time for the emergence of a third party - a progressive party that believes everything I do. After all, isn't it all about me?

The picture on this post is of my most favorite kind of voting machine. My dad is in charge of the machines in my home town and he is responsible for working on them, making sure they are ship-shape and not tampered with. (He does this with his Democrat counterpart, of course.) We have talked about the change to electronic machines and he has convinced me that these lever machines are the way to go. From what he says, the possibility of them screwing up is almost nil and they really can't be tampered with. They don't need special storage conditions either, like the computerized ones do. We have computer screens in our district and I never feel as if I have really voted. (My mother also works at the elections...she is the Republican person who signs voters in. In addition to feeling as if she is doing her duty for her party and her country, she gets all the great gossip in our hometown and a hundred fifty bucks to boot!)

In non-political news, we went out last night and Ellis, the cute swim instructor from last summer, babysat for Jack. I suppose if we can have great looking young women parading through here babysitting for Jack, it is only fair that we have an occasional yummy looking young man. We went out for Japanese food and then to see The Crucible at IU. I had never read it nor had I seen it. What a timeless play it is.

More later, when I can think of something witty to say.

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