Monday, November 27, 2006

Draco Malfoy and Miscellaneous Commentary

This is Jack pretending to be Draco Malfoy. He really likes to dress up as Harry potter characters and since he looks most like Draco, he enjoys acting the part of him particularly.
Jack is an interesting little guy.

Yesterday, I took him to a birthday party to which 19 kids were invited. The amazing couple that threw the shindig for their six year-old girl baked and assembled- in advance- gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate. Each family got to decorate one and take it home. Siblings worked together and only children, like Jack, worked by themselves. Bowls of candy were laid out and each "family" was given a plastic bag filled with icing. Kids were instructed (with firm authority by the completely impressive dad of the birthday girl) that the candy was for decorating only and NOT for eating. Miraculously, not one kid ate any candy. The only person who ate some was the dad next to me - a funny and charming fellow originally from Connecticut (no surprise).

It was a mixed experience, going to this party. On one hand, I completely enjoyed the well organized event and savored watching all the kids interact. On the other hand, I was completely put to shame by these walk-on-water parents. Sadly, though, I can't even feel any envy or jealousy over their parenting and kid-party-throwing skills because I really like these people.

For Jack's seventh birthday, I shall prepare by reading Martha Stewart, Mr. Rogers and Miss Manners. That should help. And if all else fails, I shall take the Fairfield County route and do something like hire a magician.

In other news, I just made travel reservations to go to Herkimer to see my parents on the weekend of December 8, my father's 77th birthday. I shall diet with great determination in preparation for this trip which promises to be filled with all variations on my mother's cooking scheme of spaghetti and meatballs. I wonder whether my repertoire will narrow to that one dish as I age. If memory serves- and at age 44 I hope to God it still does- my mom actually did used to cook other things. But, now, every time I come to visit, she asks if I want her to make "sauce". What can I do but say yes?

In other other news, a working mother friend of mine asked me an important question last week.

"What do you do all day?"

She was curious what the mother of an only child (in school all day) did with her time. She had wanted to ask me some time ago, but thought she should wait until she knew me better so that I wouldn't take it the wrong way. She is the mother of two boys, ages 4 and 6 and is also a full-time teacher. She works hard both at work and at home. Her husband works at a demanding job full time and is an artist/writer besides. Her plate is completely full and I admire her a whole lot. (I do try not to compare myself to her very often because nobody likes to feel like a slacker. )

I gave her a verbal outline of my typical week-day but it didn't seem complete. To answer that question for her (and for me) in a thorough way, I decided that it was necessary to keep a written account for an entire week of what I did all day while my husband was at work and my son was at school. I started today. If it is at all interesting, loyal readers, I shall share it right here in this very blog. (Don't hold your breath...I imagine it won't be at all interesting.) I do think that it is a good exercise. It might even prompt me to get a part time job or to do some volunteer work.

Well, that's all I can write for tonight. I am off to bed to read Clarissa. Man, is that a LONG tome.

PS...I have been determined to use every last ounce of the nineteen pound turkey I cooked for Thanksgiving and so far, I have been quite successful. I plan to post the recipes on my recipe blog when I am finished. I feel like such a mighty homemaker.

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