Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Hip New Boots

Are these not the bees' knees? The cat's meow? I first laid eyes on these boots a couple of months back and have thought about buying them since. Yesterday, I marched right over to the store, put them on and claimed them as my own. Yes, I realize that they are not for everyone, but neither am I for that matter. I wore them to the IU basketball game today and I felt like a complete fashion plate, even though I was wearing jeans and an oversized Hoosier T-shirt. Simply put, these boots rock.

It is 4 PM and I am cozy in my office while Jack watches a movie and Chris is at the gym working out. just ended so probably Jack will be looking in on me soon with some request for food, more TV or to play some kind of game he made up that I (or anyone else he might play) can never understand the rules, much less win.

Tomorrow night is my writing group's public read-around in which each woman in the group reads a five minute piece. I think that I will read my post on Hydrotherapy, partly because I think it is funny and partly because I have nothing else to read at present. Perhaps something will inspire me tonight and I will come up with something new. Not likely, though.

Just as I's Jack....gotta go!

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