Friday, November 17, 2006

My Latest Love Affair...

Is with a brand of nail enamel. OPI, to be specific. It is just theee best nail enamel EVER. You can't really see the color in the picture but it is called "Oh to be Twenty-Five Again". Isn't that a wonderful name for a nail polish color? My favorite color is "Lincoln Park After Dark", a deep deep purple that appears almost black. But, one can't wear the same color day in, day out, can one? So, I thought I would give this new shade a chance. After all, I want to have equal opportunity nails.

Some of my loyal readers will realize that BloomingtonGirl does not normally wear nail polish and you may be surprised at this change. You may also worry that I am going a bit soft in the head, writing about my feelings for OPI nail enamel. But, then you will remember how I get onto these silly kicks (this time it's painting my nails) and how I have been practically flat on my back for two days (going a bit crazy) and you will forgive my silliness and weirdness.

It is 9:30 PM and Chris is at the IU basketball game with our neighbor. I didn't go because I knew I couldn't stand sitting on the bleachers for two hours. Jack is in bed and the house is quiet - the way I like it. In a few minutes - as soon as my nails dry - I shall shut down my computer, get ready for bed, take a muscle relaxer and tuck myself in with my book. I didn't take the medicine today because it made me so dopey yesterday. The good news is that I seem to be improving just with the ibuprofen.

In other news, I have actually submitted two pieces to two different publications in the last two days!! And, the really great thing about it is that I am not all freaked out about what happens next. I don't expect to get a reply back, much less get published and I think that's the best attitude to have. You will be kept posted, of course.

I submitted a re-write of an earlier piece entitled "The Napkin Note" to one magazine and a re-write of "The Varieties of Beauticious Experience" to In a few weeks I will forget all about them and submit some more stuff to different places. It is kind of fun now that I don't feel all that self criticism and pressure.

In other other news, I actually had to go to the grocery store today - I walked at a snail's pace and didn't buy anything that weighed over a pound - and I was irritated to see that The Salvation Army guy was already ringing away, shooting me the guilt look. And, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! Geez. Can't they wait until the official Christmas season to start making me feel bad on the way in and on the way out of every store?

Bah humbug...or maybe it's just Back Humbug.

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Valerie said...

Oh Shit.........your hands look so old, Joni! How did this ever happen to us? And who said that a person should have children over 32 yrs of age? Our kids are just doomed, aren't they?! We are old cronies! And our glasses are sooooooooo half full! Yikes!