Monday, November 20, 2006

Performance Anxiety

Your BloomingtonGirl is having performance anxiety over Thanksgiving Dinner! Used to be that I got to have performance anxiety over something much more fun than dinner, but, alas, loyal readers, times have changed.

I don't know why I make myself such a wreck when I plan to entertain. I didn't used to be this way when we lived in CT. I threw great dinner parties (those loyal readers who attended such, go ahead and comment favorably please) for my dearest friends. Okay, so they might not have been culinarily perfect, but a good time was had by all and nobody left hungry and few left completely sober.

Since we live a gazillion miles from our families and can't travel this year because Chris has to work on Fri/Sat/Sun, we are having friends/aquaintances for Thanksgiving Dinner. There are two couples coming. One couple I know pretty well, the other not so well. There is a third couple that might come. The couples don't know each other, which could be interesting or not so good. Everyone has nice kids and I am planning a kids table, complete with little kid activities so that they are somewhat directed in their play. I have the menu planned and I am letting my guests bring stuff so that I don't make myself crazy. I have all day tomorrow and Wednesday to get things ready. My napkins are already pressed, my tablecloth laundered and I am consulting the Martha Stewart website almost on an hourly basis.

I keep telling myself that it will all work out just fine and be fun, but I am worried that it won't. I realize it is rediculous to worry because first of all, to be invited to someone else's home and NOT have to do the cooking yourself is enough to make it a great day for any guest (unless of course, your hostess and hosts are horrible cooks and terrible entertainers, which I can confidently say we are not). But, still, I worry that all the kids won't get along (and of course they won't...they range in age from three to six) and I worry that some of our guests will not have a good time or that they won't like each other. I worry that the food won't be that great, or will take too long to cook...etc...etc.

Since when did I get so neurotic about throwing a party???

I have no conclusions to draw about this post other than I shall soldier on and hope for the best. What is the worst thing that can happen? Everyone gets food poisoning? Geez, that would be bad, especially when I am a Food Scientist. Oy.

Well, that is all of my ramblings for the day. Tomorrow I shall post my party preparation progress along with my menu.

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