Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tempur-Pedic & Christmas Presents

Loyal readers, this is such an exciting day!! Today, we got our new Tempur-Pedic mattress!!! Can you tell how excited I am by all of the exclamation points?(!!) I have wanted a new mattress for quite some time and now, the happy day is here. Chris and I slept on one of these during our last visit to NY and decided that we would get one.

Since the timing of this purchase is decidedly close to Christmas, my husband suggested that the Tempur-Pedic be a Christmas present. Because I often agree to do just about whatever my husband suggests I do, I responded that I would be happy to consider the bed to be his Christmas present from me and I thanked him for saving me the trouble of having to shop for him. We usually don't exchange gifts (more on that below) but I figured he must have made the suggestion because he was planning on getting me a gift this year and didn't want me to feel bad if I didn't get him anything. He is so very thoughtful.

Now, on the subject of presents, I admit it - I love to get them just as much as the next person. In the early days of courtship and marriage, my husband made a pretty big effort to get me gifts for holidays/birthdays. I made an effort as well. Over time, though, we stopped exchanging gifts for the most part, especially at Christmas. This was my idea and I'll tell you why. There were two reasons. The first reason for non-exchange is that my husband doesn't especially enjoy getting presents unless it is stuff he needs (socks, underwear and other exciting objects) because he is a guy who really doesn't want anything. By the way, I admire this quality in him but have no intention of emulating it. The second reason I suggested that we not exchange gifts is because it became (painfully) clear over time that it was a bit of an ordeal for him to figure out what to get me and then to go and get it. Don't get me wrong, loyal readers, my husband has no problem with me having whatever (within reason) I want. He just wants me to pick it out and go out and get it for myself. He honestly cannot ever figure out what I would like to have as a gift. And I don't help matters at all because I have this thing - I do not want to be involved in another person's effort to get me a gift. It takes most of the fun out of getting one. Is this a bit bitchy? Perhaps, but it is pretty much the way I am.

However, this year, I am going to change my ways a bit. I am going to post my Christmas list on this very blog, just in case my husband wants to pick me up a little something in exchange for the nice mattress I got for him for Christmas. I know, he probably has already picked up something special for me, but just in case, I wouldn't want him to be at all put out by having to figure out what I want. He rarely reads my blog (can you believe it?) but in case he does, my little list will be here for his viewing. I might even update it if I think of more things.

Off to bed. Sadly, it won't be on the Tempur-Pedic tonight because it needs to "breathe" for a couple of days. Or, to put it into clearer needs to rid itself of the new odor before I can sleep on it peacefully. We will be in the guest room tonight.


dick said...

We have had a tempur-pedic for about 8 years now and I have a love hate relationship with it. My wife and I both have back problems and sometimes we sleep like Kings on it and other times I wake up so stiff in the morning it's not even funny. I hope that you and your husband find it comfortable and restful. Oh, by the way, I tried the wine glass on the mattress and it does work.

Profile Machine said...

katelyn will get you a whisk! shes great at getting kitchen utensils, she got me an awesome spatula for my birthday.

Anonymous said...

As I said at lunch today, it's called "out-gassing". Kind of like the JCrew fleece experience in a way, I guess.