Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cooking, Blogging, Enjoying Myself

This picture was taken at one of Jack's birthday parties back in September. He is with Phil, Kate's boyfriend, and Kate. We had a nice dinner at Phil's mom's apartment in NY and then Jack was the lucky recipient of Star Wars Lego booty.

We are lucky in our daughters's boyfriend/husband choices. Nice guys, both.

I recently read some of my first blog entries from late 2003 (!) I used to just write whatever I was thinking or doing on any particular day and often included the recipe of what I was cooking. As I said in my last post, I got all nostalgic from reading about that time in my life. I am so glad that I started writing a blog because it is a record of my life and the life of those I love. I initially got started because of my friend Michelle who was the first person to tell me about a blog. Neither of us knew what BLOG stood for when she told me about one that was written by Julie something or other who wrote about preparing one recipe a night from Julia Child's first cookbook for a year in her tiny NYC apartment kitchen. (Julie Something ended up with a big book deal from her blog.) To chronicle our move to Indiana, I decided to start a blog myself. Ironically, Michelle rarely reads my blog ("I only read it when I am desperate for news when we haven't talked in a long time") and I suspect she doesn't think I am a good/entertaining writer, but I am grateful to her for getting me started. Thank you Michelle. She, by the way, is an excellent writer and I wish that she would start her own blog. I would read it every day (so there).

So in the spirit of my old blog, I will blather on about my day. This morning, I was a pampered wife. I dropped Jack at school, went to a soothing Yoga class and then had a massage. It was relaxing and divine and I felt only a bit guilty. Before returning home, I stopped at the butcher to get a bone-in pork shoulder roast. I coated it in a mixture of chopped fresh sage, rosemary and garlic and let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours. Next, I browned it in butter/olive oil. As I now write, I am braising it in milk. I started the braising step quite a while ago and unfortunately, it taking far longer than I had though it would to finish cooking. So, here I am, blogging and waiting. When the roast is done, I shall serve it with Brussels sprouts and roasted fingerling potatoes. My husband will top his with applesauce, but what can a girl do? That's the way he likes it, uh-huh, uh-huh. (I heard K.C. and the Sunshine Band on the Radio today.)

OOPS!! I boiled it over. Oh well, what are exhaust fans for?

In other news, I am busy planning my Christmas menu and wrapping presents. Jack wants all things Lego from Santa this year so that has been a breeze for the most part. Did I mention that I found the mother of all Lego sites?
Go there to find a clearinghouse of a bazillion international sellers of all things Lego. You can search for any theme, any set, any set of instructions, any name it. Then, you can buy what you want. I ordered several sets from a Mexican seller - GREAT prices - and I got the stuff pronto. Chris wondered if the instructions would be in Spanish but I reminded him that Lego instructions are pictorial, so he didn't have to worry that we might pressure him to translate for us. Phew. Phew for him & phew for us, if you know what I mean.

I just cut the roast in half to find what I suspected to be true...It is SO not close to being done. I think that raw would be the operative word here. I called down to Chris and Jack (in the basement playing Ping-Pong) and told them to come up for a dinner of potatoes, Brussels sprouts and...cottage cheese. I put the roast in the oven to braise at its leisure and accepted the fact that we will have to eat it as a leftover.

The roast not-getting-done-thing happened to me once before, years ago, when I was hosting a dinner party for eight people at our house in Fairfield. I don't know what happened, but dinner wasn't ready until about 11 PM. One couple had to leave at ten and pick up their son from some high school thing and then return for dinner. I don't know why I didn't throw in the towel at about 8:30 and ordered pizza. That is what I would do now. It was a disaster and I was embarrassed.

After "dinner"....

It is 8:40 now and I have just taken a break to order some purses from a nifty little site full of nifty hand made purses. Bolsa Bonita I think that the people receiving the purses will be very happy and that is all I will say in case some of those lucky folks are reading here...

In other news, my ear has cleared and I can hear again. This is delightful.

I am off to bed to read Clarissa...already on page 325 and boy is it heating up. Poor Clarissa...her family wants her to marry someone she detests and she has refused to play ball. So, they locked her up until she complies. Another man, a rogue, is pursuing her and I think that what will happen is that she will run away with him and become ruined. Women had so few options back then.

Tomorrow I am going outlet shopping for no good reason. I would list the things I am planning to get but I can't because some of my readers (I won't say whom in case they are my daughters) might see the list and know what they are getting for Xmas.

Bye for now, loyal readers.

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