Friday, December 22, 2006


Ho ho ho, loyal readers. Just a very quick note before I print out some more #$&!-ing Christmas Cards and stuff them into envelopes. Please, PLEASE remind me next year that I meant it when I said this year..."I will never do another Christmas Card again... this is the LAST year." Meg says that I say that every year, but I think that this year has been the worst. And, to add insult to injury, it isn't even the best card we have sent out! Well, how could it be...we haven't even sent it out yet. I have no idea what the photo is above. I googled "exhausted Santa" and this is what I got. I liked the photo but I am glad that I am not at that particular party, though he looks like I feel.

In more sprightly news, loyal are my new rain boots. I couldn't resist them. The picture does NOT do them justice in the least. I am wearing them as I type. They make me completely happy. Well, not completely. I can't be completely happy when I still have those rotten cards to print, fold and send out. Oy.

Off to bed now. Clarissa beckons. I am taking bets on when I will finish the book. Brownies for the winner.

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