Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Day

This is a picture of Jack and Chris wishing on and breaking the wishbone of a chicken I baked last week. (Poor chicken.) Just liked the picture.

Today is a busy day, loyal readers, but fret not...I always have time for you. I have been typing my little fingers to the bone ordering Christmas presents on line so that they will arrive before the holiday. As I was doing this, I was getting impatient with one particular website because I had to order each gift separately and check out each time so that the gifts would be sent to their respective recipients. I harrumphed and sighed and then realized that I couldn't really complain too much because I was doing marathon shopping from the comfort of my office chair rather than having to stand in line with the rest of the shoppers at the Bloomington Muh.

Anyway, off to lunch with a friend and then to shop for teacher gifts. If time allows, I shall attempt to finish our Christmas card today. More later. I am feeling rather chatty.

PS...billboard of the Hoosier Barber Shop (which often has such-like wisdom on it)

Forbidden Fruits Create Many Jams

Just a little local cultchah for you.

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