Friday, December 29, 2006

Harry Potter & I Think My Mother is Trying to Kill Me

Here is my little guy dressed up in his Harry Potter Costume that he got for Christmas from his godfather, Sirius Black. From Santa, he got Lego Sets, more Lego Sets and only Lego Sets. The sets were either Harry Potter themed or Star Wars themed and Jack hums the appropriate theme song depending upon which kind he is working on. It is one of the little joys of my life.

Jack was really sick since Christmas Eve, though today he was much improved. He had the stomach flu, a nasty head cold with an ear infection and chicken pox all at once. The chicken pox were very mild, since he had been vaccinated, but still it was a ton of germs to fight all at once.

One of my Christmas gifts from my mother this year was Paula Deen Celebrates! by none other than Paula Deen. If you haven't seen her on the Food Network (as I have not) you might not know that apparently one of her ways to make anything better is to simply add a stick of butter, a cup of mayo or a hunk of cream cheese. (She even manages to put cream cheese and mayo in cranberry sauce!) I've read through the cookbook and I can only conclude that my mother is trying to kill me. It contains recipe after recipe of incredibly unhealthy home cookin' (ya'll) and homey little comments about each hip-widening, heart-stopping dish. To be fair, Paula does dabble in vegetables - she includes a recipe for "Green Peas" - but they are canned and doused with a half a stick of butter. Of her "Whipping Cream Grits" she exclaims, "It's hard to make grits better than they already are, but whipping cream and butter does it!" And, did you know that "A little bacon and whipping cream turn cabbage into a gourmet dish"? Hell, ya'll...I didn't know that.

Other notable recipes are for Spinach Salad ("This dressing is so good, you just might want to drink it." Yeech! ) and for Deen's "gooey butter cakes" of which there are "endless varieties" including peanut butter and toffee.

I wasn't able to choose just one favorite recipe from this heart attack collection; it was a toss up between Collard Greens and Ham Hock Pizza (includes both cream cheese and mayo, believe it or not) and (I kid you not) Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, made with two dozen Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts and a can of sweetened condensed milk. In this concoction, the butter is in the Butter Rum Sauce, which also includes 3 (count 'em 3!) cups of confectioners' sugar.

It is easy to see why this woman is so popular with Americans and I have to admit that a couple of the recipes might come in handy should I undertake a huge eating binge. Miss Paula does appear to be a very nice person based on the abundant commentary in the book. Unfortunately that commentary is liberally sprinkled with the ever annoying "ya'll". (I don't mind if people say it but annoys me to have to read it outside of dialogue. Call me a Yankee. I plead guilty.

Well, that is enough from your own BloomingtonGirl.

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