Monday, December 18, 2006

Help! I'm Talking and I Can't Shut Up!

It's true, loyal readers. I can't seem to shut up lately. I can't tell whether I am just so excited about Christmas or completely anxious about something else. Either way, everyone who encounters me is getting an ear full of my wacky brand of humor and holiday excitement.

Right now, there is nobody here to listen to me yammer on. Jack is asleep and Chris is at work - STILL! I should be finishing the annual Christmas Card, also known as Joni's Albatross, but here I am, yammering on for my loyal readers. Good money says that I will talk in my sleep all night as well. I hope that the dawn brings some much needed relief for me and all those around me. I hope that I wake up feeling the need to simply keep things to myself.

Off to try to finish the card. Next year, I am taking a year off. (Of course, I say that every year and never do.)

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