Monday, December 11, 2006


Hola, loyal readers. I was just settling into our wonderful new bed (it is sheer heaven...have I mentioned that?), and opening Clarissa (I am almost to page 300!). I was so happy to be snuggled in bed and I was delighted to take up my book early enough to be able to read several pages before falling asleep.

But, here I am in my office, blogging instead of luxuriating in my bed with my book. Why?

Because my husband cranked up his little Spanish lesson at his computer, which unfortunately is located in our bedroom. He said that he didn't mind if I stayed while he repeated the phrases that the computer-tutor put forth. But, I couldn't concentrate while listening to him try to approximate the Spanish accent, so here I am.

Chris decided to start learning Spanish a couple of months ago and I have been impressed at his stick-to-it-ness despite the sad fact that languages do not come easily to him. He would be the first to admit that, so I am not speaking out of school. Don't get me wrong, I think my husband is one of the smartest people I know. But you either have a gift for learning a new language or you don't. That's just my opinion but since this is my blog, that is all you get here.

I read that learning a new language when you are older helps carve out new pathways in your brain and that may hold off dementia or something like that. I've forgotten where I read it. Maybe if I studied a foreign language, I wouldn't be forgetting such things.

In other news, I had my last writing class for the semester this morning and while I am going to return next semester, I considered not doing it. I just haven't been writing much that seems any good and I am starting to get a bit embarrassed about it. But, whether I produce anything worth reading aloud or not, just being in the company of this group of great women is so enriching that I decided to go back.

Oh, here comes Chris announcing he is done with the lesson. Hooray, I can go to bed now.

More tomorrow after I return from a shopping extravaganza at the Premium Outlet Mall.

Ho Ho Ho.

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