Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Battery Operated Device that is Saving My Marriage in the Bedroom

This is a photo of my wonderful new little friend. No, you naughty minded loyal isn't what you think. My newest little favorite device of the moment is The Book Owl. It is a wonderful little book light that clips on to Clarissa and illuminates this compelling story. I almost always want to stay up a bit longer than my husband to read but my light keeps him awake. Book Owl to the rescue!

Below, you can see it working in all of its luminous glory. And it only cost six bucks to boot. Who knew a cheap little hand held device could yield such harmony in the marital bed? It will be interesting to see whether the batteries need to be replaced before I finish Clarissa. I have approximately 900 pages to go. It may just become one of my favorite books ever, believe it or not.

Today, I ordered another device that I am hoping I will like just as much as my beloved Book Owl. I ordered a Roomba. For those of you who haven't heard of the Roomba, it is a robotic vacuum cleaner.
I believe that I should disclose right here and now that I used to scoff at the Roomba, sneering at the lazy people who would purchase such a seeming piece of junk. After all, I would never have considered purchasing a robot to do my vacuuming...I have always enjoyed that task. Well, in the past, I always enjoyed it. But lately, I find that I am doing far too much vacuuming to keep up the the accelerated shedding that our dog has started to do. I was prompted to consider the Roomba by an article in Scientific American by Bill Gates predicting a rise in the use of home robots. Okay, I admit I didn't read the article...I only read the headline. After all, I had to work my way through Vogue and Vanity Fair and couldn't quite make it to Scientific American, no matter how compelling it might have seemed to me. But that isn't important to my story.

I did some research on the Roomba and found out that they have a 30 day no questions asked money back trial so I decided to try one. It was shipped out today and I anxiously await its arrival. I will certainly be posting my evaluation of the little robot right here on this very site. Below is a picture of the darling model I ordered. Isn't he a cutie? Jack and I decided to name it HairBot because its main job is to pick up dog hair. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? If you are interested - and of course you are - you can go to the website and watch a video of the Roomba in action. (Roomba). Just click on the "Watch Roomba in Action" link on the right side of the screen and away you go!

Well, loyal readers, I must tuck myself into bed with my little Book Owl and read the tragic story of Clarissa.

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