Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bake Sale !

Loyal readers, this is Jack goofing around on my computer with the built in trick camera. I came across this (and other photos) today and thought I would post it.

I don't know how it happened, but I got sucked into heading up Jack's school Teacher Appreciation Bake Sale this year. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his (and all the other) teachers very much, but I am completely intimidated by this task. Last year they raised a whole bunch of money and the woman in charge of it is a completely organized dynamo. To compensate for my potential lack of militant organization, I compensated by sending out the initial e-mail plea to all school parents for baked goods in the form of a limerick. I adore limericks. It went as follows:

The time of the school year is here
To show staff and teachers so dear
How much we adore them
So let's really floor them
And show them that they're without peer.

So how do we do that, you say?
Sign up
Sign up below! Now! Today!
Make cake for the bake sale
Quick send me an e-mail
And we will be quite on our way!

The proceeds earned will be spent
For gifts that will show the extent
Of how much we revere
Our teachers so dear
So help us with this great event!

Not bad, eh? I've already gotten several responses and I expect to get many more. If I can't raise as much money as last year, and/or if the three-day event doesn't run as smoothly as last year, at least I can do it in style. After all, style can be everything.

In other news, Jack and I spent two hours at the allergist office today getting him re-tested for peanut, pecan and walnut allergies and evaluated for asthma. The really great news is that he appears to have outgrown pecan and walnut allergies making him non-allergic to tree nuts. That opens up a world of foods that he can now eat that he couldn't before. (We celebrated by having Pesto for dinner.) The expected but not so great news is that his skin test for peanut VERY clearly showed that Jack's peanut allergy is alive and kicking. Oh well. Can't have everything.

He doesn't appear to have asthma, and that is a good thing.

In other other news, I made incredibly good chocolate chip cookies last night. Visit my other blog that I share with Dick, the "red-necked Martha Stewart" for the recipe. (Really Great Recipes). You won't be disappointed.

Well, Loyal Ones, I am off to read more of the tragic Clarissa.


Princess said...

I'm so pleased for Jack that he has two less things to worry about foodwise. And the pic is very cool!! As for the bake sale, I wish I was close enough to get my hands on some of your baked goods!! (please don't take that the wrong way. lol)

BloomingtonGirl said...

I am flattered my dear Princess that you want to get your hands on my baked goods and I would probably be even more flattered to take it the wrong way!

Princess said...

I was trying so hard to reign myself in as well!! lol

BTW: Almost everything starting with the letter B is good...baked goods, bloomingtongirl, bums, bunnies, boobies, blankies, blindfolds ....etc.

See what I mean???

::giggling:: :D