Sunday, January 07, 2007

Can't upload photos!

Loyal readers, I've been trying to upload a selection of various photos for your viewing enjoyment, but alas, Blogger keeps saying that they are sorry but they cannot do it at the current time. I don't know what the problem is, but at some point I will figure it out.

I have not felt much like writing lately and I think that it is just due to having Jack home on vacation and not in school. My brain is tired out at the end of the day - when I would normally write - not tired out from thinking. No, it is tired out from hearing the theme to the Harry Potter and Star Wars Movies sung over and over again at a high volume while Jack puts the respective Lego kits together. Throw in the much too frequent "MOM-MAY! I NEED HELP FINDING A LEGO PIECE!" and by eight PM, I am toast. I think that for the most part, I am a decent Mom and I hold the belief that Jack will be fine despite my best efforts, but there are days when I wonder at my ability to parent. I look forward to tomorrow when Jack begins school again and I won't have to wonder quite so often during the course of a day.

This evening, I had the neighborhood couples over for dinner to welcome a new family to our little neighborhood. We know them well - it's one of my husband's partners and his family, so it was comfortable and casual. I made three baked pasta dishes. The favorite was (no surprise) my four cheese pasta, the recipe for which can be found on my recipe blog (Four Cheese Baked Bow Ties). It is a great casual dinner party entree because it can be made early in the day and baked when the guests arrive. YUM.

Last night, I made a Vegan Tempeh Paprikash for Chris and me and I have to say that it was GREAT. It is true - you don't have to remind me - that one of my slogans has been "Nobody Likes a Vegan". So, you may be shocked at what I am about to disclose to you right here in this very blog. I actually purchased a Vegan cookbook last week and have already made three things from it. And, each dish was excellent. Who knew? I made a Vegan Thai Green Curry, Carrot Raisin Muffins and the aforementioned Tempeh dish. Before I purchased the cookbook, I made Kung Pao Seitan and I think that was what inspired me to get the cookbook. I am going to purchase a second (much recommended one) tomorrow. The one I own is called Vegan with a Vengeance and the one to be purchased is The Voluptuous Vegan. The links will take you the Amazon. I imagine you are not interested, but just in case...

You are probably wondering how I got on this wacky kick. If I had my way, I would have a steak and salad most nights for dinner. So, I have to say that I am not a little surprised at this new turn of events in the McGary kitchen. A couple of weeks back, I served a simple (and delicious, I might add) baked a chicken for dinner. I made it the same way I always do. The next day, my husband said, " Honey, I think that I am going to stop eating meat for awhile. The chicken sort of grossed me out for some reason. " Being the completely accommodating wife that I am, I have pretty much stopped cooking meat since then. And, being the little overachiever that I (sometimes) am, I couldn't just cook the same old recipes from my time worn treasure The Moosewood Cookbook. I wanted to experiment with ingredients I hadn't used so much before like seitan and tempeh. A Vegan cookbook seemed like the way to go. I consulted the very hip Vegan guy who works at our local food co-op and he recommended the two books above.

I have no intention of becoming a strict Vegetarian, much less a Vegan. I just look at this as a kick I am on, much like my current mild obsession with patterned stockings and over the knee socks to go with my latest boot purchases. (One of my latest favorite little web stores is SockDreams. They have some really fun stuff.)

Well, I am off to read Clarissa. It is getting SO good. I am past page 500 (!!) and it is getting to be quite the page turner, let me tell you. Besides enjoying the story, I feel good about reading such a "weighty" book right now because I have been feeling like a sort of frivolous girly-girl lately and reading this big classic novel is helping prop up my lately crumbling smart-girl self image. It's all in my head, of course...but what isn't?

Bye for now, loyal readers!

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