Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Indiana Baskeball & Did I Season My Wok Correctly?

Tonight Chris and I went to the IU- Wisconsin basketball game. Wisconsin was rated #1 in the Big Ten, so it promised to be a great game. And, it was indeed a great game...pretty close the whole time and ending with a wonderful Hoosier victory.

This is my third season as a Hoosier Fan and it still surprises me to be one. Not only do I enjoy the games, I actually holler and yell and sing the IU song! There is something so wholesome about the ritual that just makes me happy, plain and simple. I can't explain it, but it is a fact. Tonight the game was especially good for me because it lifted me out of the doldrums that I have been lingering in for the past several days. How can you sit in a place with seventeen thousand happy cheering fans and not be infused with energy? (Or maybe I am in a better frame of mind because ovulation is over. Either way, I will take it.)

In other news, I tried my newly seasoned wok tonight to make Kung Pao Seitan (yes, we are still on the Vegan kick though I have to admit that I was craving a juicy medium rare burger earlier in the day and I will probably get one tomorrow.) Having never seasoned a wok before, I can't tell if I did it right. It seemed to be okay for the most part because the food wasn't sticking to the surface, but there was a fair amount of smoke production that I don't usually get when I doing stir-fries. I couldn't figure out what the cause of all the smoking was. Had I slopped too much oil on the outside of the wok while I was seasoning it ? Or, had I not or removed the protective coating thoroughly enough before I seasoned it ? (Chris kept asking me if I had followed the directions for the coating was annoying) Or, was the smoke simply from the burned cashews that I cooked just a wee bit too long? As far as the protective coating is concerned, I did follow the instructions and as directed, I boiled water for 7 minutes in the wok and followed that step with a vigorous scrubbing of the wok surface with an abrasive scrubby thing (you know, the same one I used on my car to disastrous effect last year) and soap. But, truth-be-told, I do worry that Chris's concerns are well founded and that the protective coating is still on there, under the oil, smoking away in some evil carcinogenic way, being inhaled by us. I can't decide whether to throw the wok out and start over with a new one or give it another chance. I'll keep you posted because I am determined to have an expertly seasoned wok, whatever it takes.

The food did taste pretty good, all things considered.

Well, Clarissa beckons. Loyal readers, I cannot recommend this book enough! Yes, it is long but it is such a great read!

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Anonymous said...

So, you are up late because of an IUBASKETBALLGAME????? And the aforementioned game has LIFTEDYOUR SAGGINGOBSSPIRITS???? All your fears of shallowness are well-founded....

I am busy for lunch tomorrow, but I could split a MEATBURGER with you for lunch on Friday.

Your "Spiritual Adviser"