Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Head Hurts

My head hurts, Loyal Readers. I had a migraine earlier this evening and it has wiped me out a bit. I don't know exactly why I am even writing anything at all, as foggy as my brain feels...but I just wanted to post a little something for some reason.

When I get migraines, it is mostly a visual field thing. I get the zig-zag rainbow colored flashing lights and I lose part of my vision. It is a pain in the neck, but it usually isn't too bad. The first time I had one of these, I had no idea what was happening so I went to the ER. I had been ice skating with a friend in Cincinnati and we completely panicked. I thought I was having some kind of brain disorder. Alas, it all worked out just fine.

In other news, Chris and I watched "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" last night and tonight. It is a 2005 movie with Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer. It is a fun to watch quirky little film and it reminded me of "Get Shorty", though Kiss Kiss was grittier. I will watch Robert Downey Jr in anything because I find his acting so compelling and I think he is incredibly handsome. The weird thing is that when I got to see him in person this summer at his cousin's wedding, I didn't care much for him and made no attempt to meet him. He seemed to me to be so self conscious I know his uncle and cousins quite well so I have heard about his antics for years. It just goes to show you how you can feel one way about someone's screen persona and have a completely different reaction in real life. It's an odd sort of thing what the big screen projects to us all.

I am off to try and read some Clarissa if my eyes can take it. The story gets better with every page. I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Vegan Mania & Jaw Line Problems

Loyal Readers, this is a picture of what has become my very favorite cookbook. Who knew? Just a short while ago, one of my little sayings was "Nobody Likes a Vegan" and here I am, cooking up gourmet Vegan feasts a couple of times a week! Even if you felt as I used to, that Vegans were complete freaks whom you would never want to have over for dinner, you might just want to try this cookbook. That is, if you like to cook and don't mind spending some time in the kitchen.

The book is full of coordinated menus and I have made several of them. I am here to tell you that each was superlative. Tonight's meal was a Vegan Shepherd's Pie with a Horseradish Beet Glaze. (I know, it sounds as ridiculous as the Vegan Paella I made recently, but bear with me.)

I know you will roll your eyes in disbelief, but I am going to insist that you take this on faith, Loyal Readers. The meal was divine. The glaze was made by simmering diced beets in fresh carrot juice and then thickening it with arrowroot and adding some lemon and dill and freshly ground horseradish for seasoning. I decided to keep an open mind about this strange brew and I am so glad that I did. Not only was it beautiful to behold, it was delicious. The pie itself consisted of layers. On the bottom was a layer of roasted zucchini brushed with olive oil and thyme. On top of that was a layer of steamed spinach, and then a layer of tempeh sauteed with onions, garlic and a combination of sausage-ee spices. The crowning touch was a layer of mashed potatoes made with soy milk, olive oil, garlic and a little freshly ground horseradish. I can hear some of my readers groaning about these "weird" ingredients, but to them I say, "Don't knock it until you have tried it!" (Even my six year old tried it and guess what...he LIKED it!)

I am not intending at all to become a vegan but cooking with these new ingredients in new ways has been a creative adventure. I have really enjoyed it, as you can tell.

In other news, I have been thinking of jowls quite a bit today. Yes, you read that correctly - JOWLS. Last night at the fund raiser, I had a delightful conversation with a beautiful and fashionable woman of a certain age who told me that she was planning to have some work done on her face. She wanted her jowls lifted. I don't know if jowls is the right word, but it gets my meaning across. When she pointed out the "problem area", I could see why she might want to have it tightened up. But, she certainly didn't need to have this operation to be attractive because even if I guess her age quite a bit younger than what it was, this lady clearly had some good genes going on. On the other hand, if it would make her feel better, why not?

It is no surprise that the conversation got me thinking about jowls and those thoughts, of course, lead to me looking in the mirror. I was horrified to see what appear to be the beginnings of these pesky little pouches of flab starting to hang off my hitherto clean jaw line. While I was examining this area, I noticed that the place where a double chin would be - if I had one - was looking a little saggy itself. I took the time to look at several other women today in my travels and noticed that the neckline is truly a problem area of the aging gal. Forget about sagging can harness those in a good bra and keep them to yourself for the most part. But the jawline? It's right out there for everyone to see! And, one cannot wear scarves and turtlenecks all year, can one?

You can imagine that this could become a new beauty obsession for your BloomingtonGirl as time marches on. Stay tuned.

Off to read about poor Clarissa who has much more on her mind than her sagging neckline.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Musing on Making a Mark

This is the Valentine's Day card Jack created for his classmates. He took a picture of himself on my computer using one of the special effects settings. I cut and then pasted it into a painting document and he "painted" the rest on the computer. Creative genius is what you are thinking, no?

It is Sunday evening and I have given up on trying to write anything remotely interesting for my writing class tomorrow morning. I am - to be bone honest - completely uninspired by my authorial talent, or lack thereof. Is authorial a word? If it isn't, it ought to be, don't you think?

I started out this semester thinking that I would try my hand at more serious writing. I got off to a pretty good start and wrote a rough, but mildly promising piece. But, then, nothing. Well, to be fair, not nothing. But the somethings that have resulted are completely flat and uninspired. I'm not being modest here, Loyal Readers. Believe me. I am finding the work to be drudgery and it shows.

I keep thinking back to when Kate gave me The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants soon after it first came out in (I think) 2001. That book - and I didn't get very far into it - convinced me that I ought not to be a writer. Why? Because I thought that the book was dreadful in that pedestrian, cliche sort of way and I knew that my best effort wouldn't even be as good. It was a humbling realization. I guess I had forgotten about it, but the latest effort to write more serious work has (fortunately for my readers) made the realization startlingly fresh in my mind. I am just plain discouraged with my writing. This is not a plea for praise or encouragement, though I always take either, of course. It is just how I am feeling.

And, going to a fund raiser for the Cardinal Stage Company didn't make me feel any better today. (Don't get me wrong...It was a lovely party with excellent food and Champagne at a drop-dead gorgeous home near by.) The room was filled with impressive and talented people and it made me wish that I could make my mark creatively. But what does making one's mark even mean? And, when you do make it - whatever that is - then what? I imagine it is like being on one of those rodent exercise wheels. You do one good work - a book, a song, a performance...whatever...and then you have to live up to the work by doing another at least as good. Eek. I wonder what one hit wonders think about it all. Do they wish they had never had their one hit? Do they feel washed up?

I once did business with a nice man who was an ingredient buyer at a large vitamin company in California. He was a completely unassuming, almost nondescript man. I found out that he had been a member of the We Five who had had a hit or two years ago. He seemed completely happy but what a strange transition.

I saved the above last night and settled in to read Clarissa, so it is now Monday evening. I shall post this and perhaps put up a new post...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I was going to write a piece on the latest cover story in Business Week. It is about the wellness initiative that the Scotts Miracle Gro company has undertaken. It is a compelling article and I do intend to write about the topic, but alas, I am just too tired to do it here tonight. But I include a link to the article for your convenience, should you be inclined to read it:

Get Healthy or Else

I have been thinking of writing an essay on a similar topic for submission to the Newsweek My Turn column. The subject of that yet to be written is one near and dear to my heart - medical self-referral. It will be my first shot in a long time - maybe since college, egad!- at an essay that requires some actual research to make its point. I will keep you posted on my progress.

In other news, we watched Rome tonight on HBO. I love that series.

And, in other other news, I am going to settle down with Clarissa now. I only two entries in the contest to predict the page of her ruination and I am sad to say that both were wrong. She lost her virtue - quite unwillingly and possibly drugged - on page 883. Lovelace (the villain) writes to his friend Belford only this:

And now, Belford, I can go no farther. The affair is over. Clarissa lives. And I am

Your humble servant,
R. Lovelace

The author then includes a note which advices the reader that, "The whole of this black transaction is given by the injured lady to Miss Howe (Clarissa's friend to whom she writes) in her subsequent which the reader is referred."

I have not skipped ahead to those letters, preferring to let the story unfold to me as I read it. It is, I think, one of the best books I have ever read and I believe I will be quite sorry when I am finished with it.

The good news is that I have over five hundred more pages to read.

And, I am off to read them, Loyal Readers.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Me & Jack & My New Red Hat

Although you can't see it well, your BloomingtonGirl is sporting her new red (faux) rabbit fur trooper's hat. It is divine. I had intended to take a photograph of just me in my new chapeau sans my little side kick, but alas, he cannot stay away from any clicking camera. I don't blame him. If I were as gorgeous as he, I would want to see myself in pictures all the time, too.

It is a snowy Saturday afternoon and I have gotten precious little done today. My inclination is to curl up and read about poor Clarissa, but I think that I am going to go with Chris and Jack to see Justin Roberts, a singer/guitarist who is playing in town at 4PM. His concerts are for children but they seem pretty adult friendly as well. Not a Barney type. I do need to get out. I am a little house crazy.

This past week, I ran a bake sale at Jack's school that was supposed to be held on Wed, Thurs & Friday. Since we had a snow day on Wednesday, we will do the third day next Tuesday (no school on Monday). I don't have any bakers lined up because we made this decision late in the day on Friday, so I will be baking like crazy tomorrow and Monday. If anyone is hankering for any Lucky Guy stuff, I am sure that I can send a package your way. Just leave me a comment.

I am planning to make the famous HoosierMama brownies, Oatmeal Jacksons (oats, cranberries, white chocolate), Vanilla Sour Cream Pound Cakes, HoosierMama Hot Fudge Sauce, and perhaps some savory baked goods such as focaccia and cheddar chive scones. I hope that I don't weigh 400 pounds by the end of it all.

Off to see the concert. More later from the heartland.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Sofa, Some Shoes, Some Miscellany & a Contest

I post this with the full knowledge that there are some of my Loyal Readers who will hate this beautiful piece of furniture and will not hesitate to tell me so. However, as your BloomingtonGirl does not shy away from such controversies, I hereby express my enthusiasm for this lovely sofa.

I would love to order it for my living room. I know that it is wild, but is so ME. The colors would complement every other thing I have in the existing room and even if the colors clashed, I would find a way to make it work. That is, if I could actually have the sofa. But, sadly, I cannot have the sofa.

Why? Well, for one thing, we do not remotely need a new sofa and for another thing it is pretty expensive. Not to mention that my husband would not be inclined to allow such a large wild looking piece of furniture into our home. On the other hand, Jack could spill any number of food or drink concoctions on it and one might not ever notice the stains.

I have nothing else to say about the sofa. I just wanted to share it with you.

Here is another item I have fallen in love with.

The picture isn't all that good and if you can't tell, there are multi-colored fishes on the shoes. I am not going to buy these for two reasons. First, they are hideously overpriced and second, I couldn't begin to walk in them (they are taller/steeper than they look here.) But, they are entirely BOSS, are they not? If they ever go on sale for, say, 75% off, I might get them just to wear them when I am sitting down. They are SO cute. Wouldn't they be fun to wear with FISH net stockings? Get it...Fish Shoes with Fish Nets? Your BloomingtonGirl is such a comic!

That's enough shallow materialism from me for tonight. On to more weighty things.

Me, for instance. I have eaten everything that wasn't securely fastened down today. I think that the whole snow - day thing makes one hungry, don't you? It looks like we will have another snow day tomorrow, which is just as well for poor little Jack because he came down with a horrific head cold today and is really under the weather.

I am upstairs in Kate's room tonight so that I can hear Jack without a monitor. That allows Chris to sleep peacefully in our bedroom downstairs. Jack is a bit feverish tonight and yelling from time to time in his sleep. Over the past half-hour or so I have heard "SAFE HOUSE!" and "CAP IT, NOW!" shouted loudly.

Chris needs to rest without hearing Jack's stream of dream consciousness because he has to get up early tomorrow to work at a hospital that is about an hour from here. The roads will probably be lousy. I have to get working on my bestseller so Chris can retire. Or, I could just stop buying so many pairs of boots. As Jack says when faced with a touch decision, "It's a hard choice, Mommy."

I do realize that I have a serious boot habit. Jack shattered my denial the other day. He asked me a question - the subject escapes memory - and I told him to ask his Dad because I didn't know anything about the topic. Jack advised me not to feel bad about not knowing it and went on to comfort me by saying, "You know some things, Mommy. You know all about boots."

Well, off to read about poor Clarissa, whose choices were much more limited and more dire than whether to become a best selling author or to stop buying so many boots. I don't remember if I mentioned that our friend Mark studied Clarissa in graduate school and characterized it as a "1500 page rape". It is a slow rape, however as I am on page 846, and Clarissa still has her virtue.

I would like to set up a little wager on this topic. On what page will Clarissa be ruined by Lovelace? Cast your votes in the comment section or E-MAIL ME with your guess. I promise I will announce the winner as soon as I read the fateful page. The person who comes closest to the correct page will win a package of Lucky Guy treats of their choice. Past scholars of this fine work are not eligible and contest rules prohibit paging through the book and finding the page.

Good Luck, Loyal Readers!

Monday, February 12, 2007

BloomingtonGirl Has a New Hobby

Greetings Loyal Readers. I write to you from no place other than Jack's bathroom where he is luxuriating in the tub. Lucky little guy.

I am stealing a few moments here to write a bit to you about my new hobby, among other things.

My new hobby appears to be leaving my purse behind. In the past three weeks, I have left it behind four times. The first was at Jack's piano lesson. I didn't notice it was gone until the teacher called many hours later. The next time was in the locker room of the Y. I left it hanging on the open door of my locker and started to head out of the building. I did remember it before I got all the way outside, fortunately. The third time was at my "job" interview for an editor position at a local magazine. I left it on the back of my chair and was notified by email when I arrive home that I was missing something. The fourth time was today when I left the purse at home and realized it only after the cart full of groceries I had purchased had been bagged and totalled up. Oops. I had to leave without the groceries, go home, get my wallet and return to pay. Where is my head? If you have any idea, Loyal Readers, please advise me. Obviously, I need some help in this area.

In other news, I did indeed get what some might loosely call a job offer from the aforementioned magazine and I initially expressed interest in taking the position. I met with the owner/founder guy on Friday afternoon to discuss what needs to be done for the March issue. While I admit that I find some of the aspects of working for the magazine interesting, I decided over the weekend to not do it after all. I realized that whatever time I commit to spend outside of my family is time that gets taken away from them or me. And, the plain fact is that I don't want to have time taken away from either. Plus, the job wouldn't pay enough to cover the cost of a cleaning lady, which is my bottom line is for working at all. The way I look at it, if I can do something I love (like writing) and cover the costs of someone doing some of the stuff I am going to have to do anyway - like cleaning - I am in great shape even if I am just breaking even. But, if I can't, it isn't worth taking a job unless there is a compelling creative or financial reason. And in this case, neither was obvious to me. I suppose I could write for the magazine from time to time - that interests me because I need to get some pieces published - but editorial work isn't the right thing for me.

In other trivial news, I had an Oreo Cookie today for the first time in many many moons and I am here to tell you that they just are not as good as they used to be. Now, I don't think it is because my taste buds have evolved beyond Oreo love. Au contraire! I think that Oreos are indeed one of the greatest culinary delights of all time. Well, the Oreos I remember anyway. (Now, my husband just walked in and asked me what I was writing about (he has to ask because he never reads my blog!) and when I told him, he gave me some metaphysical crap explanation about how the Joni who tried these Oreos today might only share 2% of the molecules with the Joni who tried the Oreos last, but I silenced him quickly. Clearly he has been reading too much Dawkins and further, such an observation has no place in the world of BloomingtonGirl, who strives to keep things simple. Or more to the point, simply the opinion of BloomingtonGirl. But, I digress.)

Back to the Oreo issue. What I think is happening is that Oreos continue to get reformulated with a view toward cost reduction (common practice in the food industry) and instead of using the original formulation as the benchmark, they use the most recent formulation. While there might not be discernable differences between the proposed new formulation and the current marketed one, there will likely be a world of difference between the proposed and the original formulation if the original is an old one, as it is in the case of Oreo. Do you follow? In this particular case, I believe that the cocoa taste isn't as deep and edgy as it used to be.

I did teach Jack the Chuck Vietrogoski trick of dunking though. You take a whole Oreo and put it onto a fork via the creme filling as shown in the photo below.
Then, you dunk the whole cookie into a glass of milk, leaving it for whatever time you desire. When you remove the dunked cookie from your milk, you simply pop it into your happy mouth. Though, your mouth won' t be so happy with the new formulation if it is anything like my mouth.

Many of my Loyal Readers may know that my first job out of college was working at the General Foods Plant in Dover Delaware. One of the major products being made there was chocolate (and cocoa). I worked in the industrial division which meant that I worked in the division that sold truckload quantities of ingredients to other large food manufacturers. More specifically, I worked in the Baker's Chocolate and Coconut Industrial division. I remember that one of the holy grails was to identify a cocoa formulation that would match the one that Nabisco purchased from one of our competitors so that we could get some of that business. We never got close. But, in my four years at Bakers, I did learn how to shell a coconut while leaving the nutmeat intact (great cocktail party trick) and I ate enough chocolate to have to go to Weight Watchers toward the end of my tenure. (Most people in the division had a ten pound bar of chocolate in one of their desk drawers for snacking. I had no chance!)

Anyway, I am off to hang out with the finest man I know. Every day I am I grateful to be married to my husband. Lucky, lucky me!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Bloomington Girl Has a New Goal

Good evening, Loyal Readers. I am snug in bed, getting ready to saw some logs. Before I drop off into dreamland, I thought I would post a little something on my blog.

The photo here is of the legendary Ralph Stanley who will turn eighty years old this month. Chris and I went to see him and his band play at the Buskirk-Chumley tonight. His voice is truly other-worldly. It was worth the time and the ticket price just to hear him perform "O Death", but I have to admit that I was disappointed with the show overall. His band is good for the most part, but he lets his not-so-talented grandson sing way too many songs. (One song from the guy would be too many if you ask me, but nobody did of course.) And, since Mr. Stanley just got over pneumonia, he sang precious few songs. He just stood there most of the time, looking sort of embalmed and introduced numbers that featured other band members. Still, you gotta hand it to a man of that age who goes on a grueling tour. This was the first stop of a 24 concert tour that will take them all over the country. At 44, it would wear me out. At 80, it would surely kill me.

Concert quality aside, I did realize what my new goal is by attending the concert. The no-talent grandson introduced his Grandfather at the beginning of the show and listed his accomplishments, which were numerous and impressive. The one that caught my ear was that Ralph Stanley had been officially named "A Living Legend" by the Library of Congress.

I didn't know that it was possible to be officially named a Living Legend! Of course, now that I know this, I want to be named an official Living Legend.

I do realize that a long road lies ahead of me in the pursuit of this lofty goal. I also realize that I am disadvantaged mostly by my lack of the type and depth of talent that a Living Legend would have to possess. But, I plan to put some thought into how I can achieve this and report back to you, my Loyal Readers. Perhaps a write in campaign...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Name Dropping

Loyal readers, I am going to drop names right here in this very post. Well, I am going to drop a name, anyway. Peter Noble-Kuchera. There, I dropped it. My not-so-local readers may not know who he is (yet) but my local readers will indeed know who Mr. Noble-Kuchera is. Besides being a friend of your BloomingtonGirl, he is a recent addition to the NPR Podcasting Team. (I don't know if they indeed call it that exactly, but you get the idea.) Peter does movie reviews for WFIU, the Bloomington NPR affiliate and his reviews were recently picked up to be NPR podcasts. You can access the site by clicking on this link:

NPR Podcast of Movie Reviews by Peter Noble-Kuchera

It is well worth hearing what Peter has to say about a movie you are thinking of seeing. His knowledge of films is deep and his take on things is right on. AND he has a great broadcasting voice. You may as well put it on your favorite list right now, because I am certain it will become one of yours.

Now, on to my informal review of the movie "Nanny McPhee" which I watched with Jack today. I don't often watch movies at home - maybe a few times a month - but on this very snowy day with Chris working late, it seemed like a fun and cozy thing to do. I found the movie on HBO on demand and cued it up. I have to say that I absolutely loved it. I am a sucker for happily ever after movies that are part fantastical. I love Emma Thompson and Colin Firth and visually, the movie was gorgeous. It was fun to watch with Jack.

I am off to read some of two books tonight, Loyal Readers. One of course is Clarissa and the other, a much lighter read is a new book I picked up yesterday on the 75% off shelf at a local store called Greetings. It is called BETTER THAN BEAUTY...A Guide to Charm. It was originally published in 1938 and it is what it says...a guide to being charming. It's a fun read and I am hoping that the advice on being charming still will work today. After all, one can never be too charming.

Monday, February 05, 2007


So, my mother just calls and Chris answers the phone. I hear him say, I don't know where it is...I haven't seen it in awhile. Then, a minute later, he says to me, with my mom holding the line, "Do we still have that wrought iron floor lamp - your Dad says it was your Aunt Helen's? Your parents are watching the Antique Roadshow and it's worth $5,000." I quickly and loudly remind Chris (so that my mother can hear me) that we do indeed have the lamp and that it is upstairs in the play room. While I say this, I am shaking my head and grimacing to Chris. He then puts me on the phone, whereupon I lie directly to my mother, expressing excitement to her about the value of this lamp and inwardly wondering what the hell I was thinking giving that lamp to Goodwill when we moved from CT to Bloomington.

I try to change the subject by asking whether the Keno twins did the appraisal ( the Keno twins are local boys, so I thought that would be a good diversion), but sadly they did not so my diverting ends right there. I assure my mom that we still had the lamp but I swear she knows I am lying. But, I figure I'll never get caught in the lie because my parents will never come to visit us in Indiana and they aren't the of the ilk to demand a recent snapshot of the goods.

I hang up the phone feeling sort of sick and stupid. I always really liked that lamp. Why the hell did I pitch it? I always liked my Aunt Helen too. (And another thing...why didn't we get her piano? Who did? But, I digress.)

But, lest my regret ruin the rest of my evening, I begin to wonder whether my father has it right, whether it is indeed the same lamp as was featured on the Roadshow. He tends to get all important details completely wrong, so it is possible that the lamp he saw bears no resemblance to the one I so thoughtlessly gave away.

I check the listings for the Roadshow and find that I can view the program highlighting the dreaded lamp appraisal tomorrow at 1PM. I tell Chris of my plan to watch the show and he answers in an annoyed tone, "What's the point? It's gone."

But, the point is to find out that my dad is wrong and let him know it so I don't feel so bad about throwing away five grand. Or it could be seven because I think that the shade was original and that adds two grand to the value.

In other crappy news, I remain convinced that I still have Scabies. Every time I have an itch or a skin irritation, I know that it is the pestilence returning to have its way with me. It is sort of like when they tell you at school that there is a case of head lice in your kid's class...your scalp starts to itch almost immediately. Suggestion is a powerful thing.

In other other news, I ate SO much junk food today. I didn't intend to but I did it just the same. I swear if I could be thin and healthy and eat only processed salty snack foods 24/7, that is what I would happily do. Cheetos, Doritos, Pretzels (preferably the delicious "Splits" brand), Pirate Booty, name it. Once in college, our Food Processing class went on a field trip to the near by Frito Lay plant where they made Doritos. Heaven on Earth, Loyal Readers, eating those chips fresh out of the fryers. The time I got to visit a Girl Scout Cookie plant almost pales in comparison. That is how much I love salty snacks.

But, the universe gave me a little hint late in the day that I might want to slow down my consumption of junk food in the interest of staying thin. While shopping at this funky little gift shop, I came across a button that said:

"The only things that are made in the US anymore are big fat asses"

(That was in the bin with another instant favorite saying "I have a really big penis but I don't have it with me right now")

Well, off to read Clarissa. What on earth shall I read when I am done with this?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nothing Terribly Interesting Tonight

Greetings, Loyal Readers! This is a picture of yours truly taken on my little I-Sight Camera on my Mac Book. I put the setting on the "comic book" special effect. I like me as a comic.

Today was a delightful day. I made (amazing if I do say so myself) hot fudge sauce and brownies for a party we went to this evening and in the late afternoon, I had the opportunity to write in peace for over an hour because Jack was at a friend's house and Chris was at his own computer working earnestly on his Spanish. We might go to Puerto Rico for a vacation in March...I can't wait to see this Spanish in action.

I mentioned recently that my goal in 2007 was simply to live the shallow life and after doing just that for a time, I have decided that the shallow gig is worth pursuing. To allow myself to be as frivolous as I always really wanted to be is a great freedom. Tossing more worthy concerns to the wind, I have thrown myself into the purchase of funky new footwear, skirts and leg fashions, otherwise known as stockings. I don't know why I got so into this particular combination of fashionable goods, but I am finding it to be great fun. In fact, after I enter this post, I am going to go online and shop for a few more items.

In other somewhat startling news, I am actually going to (sort of) interview for a job on Tuesday. There is a local monthly magazine called "The Ryder" in Bloomington that is looking for an associate editor. The Ryder is a film series here in Bloomington that shows alternative films in several different venues around town. The Ryder Magazine is an arts/culture monthly that tells what is going on in Bloomington and has articles about the film/music/art scene. A friend of mine who writes for the magazine urged me to look into the job and because I think the world of that friend, I decided to pursue it. The job is very very part time and sort of open ended creatively, meaning that one could take on as much as one wanted to do with the publication. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. You can be sure that I will keep you posted on all that happens.

Well, my eyelids are getting heavy, either from sleepiness or the application of way too much eye cream. I want to get a few pages of Clarissa in before they shut completely, so I must sign off now.

Buenos Noches.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Love Me...Love My Hat

Loyal readers, this is a (stunning if I may say so) photo of your BloomingtonGirl in her favorite hat. I know that you might be mortified to learn that I have been wearing it just about everywhere lately. It isn't, as you might suspect, for the fashion statement that I don this fine chapeau. No, no. It is for the cozy warm feeling it gives my head. As you know, I don't have all that much hair on my noggin and it has been pretty darn chilly here lately. This hat warms me up and just plain makes my head happy. What more can a girl want?

I can't remember whether I announced my only New Year's Resolution here but if not, here it is: I resolve to be shallow in 2007. So, wearing a hat and thinking about how it looks and feels is right up the shallow alley. Other topics of shallow importance include: 1. Should I get laser anti aging treatments? 2. What outfits make my stomach look the flattest? 3. Is it worth the extra money to buy the face cream that the facial lady recommends or will I get the same results using Oil of Olay products? You get the idea.

In other shallow news, I wore a fabulous new pair of tights tonight when I went out to dinner with a fun pal. The tights were a fish-net-ey/sheer stocking-ey combination and were just lovely. I wore them with a black satin A-line skirt, a black merino wool fitted turtleneck sweater and my olive green (almost) patent leather wedge heel boots. To finish the outfit, I sported a new chartreuse glass wide bracelet and some hand-made red bird shaped earrings. And, the topper was my mother's vintage Persian Lamb jacket with a fur collar from (Herkimerites will know this place) Mungers. I may be shallow but I know how to put together a look.

We were supposed to go to the Opera but we lingered too long over our delicious dinner and delightful wines. We ended up skipping the performance and going home early. This was fine with your tired BloomingtonGirl as I am now in bed, resting and writing to my loyal readers.

And now, it is time to read more of the tragic Clarissa. I took some time out from my busy day today to read it and I cannot stand the angst of it all. It is remarkable to me that something written over 250 years ago can read so current. The human condition is the same as it ever was.