Friday, February 09, 2007

Bloomington Girl Has a New Goal

Good evening, Loyal Readers. I am snug in bed, getting ready to saw some logs. Before I drop off into dreamland, I thought I would post a little something on my blog.

The photo here is of the legendary Ralph Stanley who will turn eighty years old this month. Chris and I went to see him and his band play at the Buskirk-Chumley tonight. His voice is truly other-worldly. It was worth the time and the ticket price just to hear him perform "O Death", but I have to admit that I was disappointed with the show overall. His band is good for the most part, but he lets his not-so-talented grandson sing way too many songs. (One song from the guy would be too many if you ask me, but nobody did of course.) And, since Mr. Stanley just got over pneumonia, he sang precious few songs. He just stood there most of the time, looking sort of embalmed and introduced numbers that featured other band members. Still, you gotta hand it to a man of that age who goes on a grueling tour. This was the first stop of a 24 concert tour that will take them all over the country. At 44, it would wear me out. At 80, it would surely kill me.

Concert quality aside, I did realize what my new goal is by attending the concert. The no-talent grandson introduced his Grandfather at the beginning of the show and listed his accomplishments, which were numerous and impressive. The one that caught my ear was that Ralph Stanley had been officially named "A Living Legend" by the Library of Congress.

I didn't know that it was possible to be officially named a Living Legend! Of course, now that I know this, I want to be named an official Living Legend.

I do realize that a long road lies ahead of me in the pursuit of this lofty goal. I also realize that I am disadvantaged mostly by my lack of the type and depth of talent that a Living Legend would have to possess. But, I plan to put some thought into how I can achieve this and report back to you, my Loyal Readers. Perhaps a write in campaign...

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