Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Head Hurts

My head hurts, Loyal Readers. I had a migraine earlier this evening and it has wiped me out a bit. I don't know exactly why I am even writing anything at all, as foggy as my brain feels...but I just wanted to post a little something for some reason.

When I get migraines, it is mostly a visual field thing. I get the zig-zag rainbow colored flashing lights and I lose part of my vision. It is a pain in the neck, but it usually isn't too bad. The first time I had one of these, I had no idea what was happening so I went to the ER. I had been ice skating with a friend in Cincinnati and we completely panicked. I thought I was having some kind of brain disorder. Alas, it all worked out just fine.

In other news, Chris and I watched "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" last night and tonight. It is a 2005 movie with Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer. It is a fun to watch quirky little film and it reminded me of "Get Shorty", though Kiss Kiss was grittier. I will watch Robert Downey Jr in anything because I find his acting so compelling and I think he is incredibly handsome. The weird thing is that when I got to see him in person this summer at his cousin's wedding, I didn't care much for him and made no attempt to meet him. He seemed to me to be so self conscious I know his uncle and cousins quite well so I have heard about his antics for years. It just goes to show you how you can feel one way about someone's screen persona and have a completely different reaction in real life. It's an odd sort of thing what the big screen projects to us all.

I am off to try and read some Clarissa if my eyes can take it. The story gets better with every page. I HIGHLY recommend this book.


KAWyle said...

I have had occasional visual migraine symptoms over the years (more when pregnant or when on higher-estrogen birth control pills many years prior). I believe what I have had is called a "scintillating scotoma" -- but I like your description, which nails it.

Do yours start out in a small crescent pattern and then get bigger and bigger until they get too big for your visual field?

BloomingtonGirl said...

You indeed have the term correct, but I can never remember that term! Mine start out in a different pattern each time, but they never get so big that they exceed my visual field. I do lose part of what I am looking at. I suppose it is like tripping, though I have not done that.