Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Name Dropping

Loyal readers, I am going to drop names right here in this very post. Well, I am going to drop a name, anyway. Peter Noble-Kuchera. There, I dropped it. My not-so-local readers may not know who he is (yet) but my local readers will indeed know who Mr. Noble-Kuchera is. Besides being a friend of your BloomingtonGirl, he is a recent addition to the NPR Podcasting Team. (I don't know if they indeed call it that exactly, but you get the idea.) Peter does movie reviews for WFIU, the Bloomington NPR affiliate and his reviews were recently picked up to be NPR podcasts. You can access the site by clicking on this link:

NPR Podcast of Movie Reviews by Peter Noble-Kuchera

It is well worth hearing what Peter has to say about a movie you are thinking of seeing. His knowledge of films is deep and his take on things is right on. AND he has a great broadcasting voice. You may as well put it on your favorite list right now, because I am certain it will become one of yours.

Now, on to my informal review of the movie "Nanny McPhee" which I watched with Jack today. I don't often watch movies at home - maybe a few times a month - but on this very snowy day with Chris working late, it seemed like a fun and cozy thing to do. I found the movie on HBO on demand and cued it up. I have to say that I absolutely loved it. I am a sucker for happily ever after movies that are part fantastical. I love Emma Thompson and Colin Firth and visually, the movie was gorgeous. It was fun to watch with Jack.

I am off to read some of two books tonight, Loyal Readers. One of course is Clarissa and the other, a much lighter read is a new book I picked up yesterday on the 75% off shelf at a local store called Greetings. It is called BETTER THAN BEAUTY...A Guide to Charm. It was originally published in 1938 and it is what it says...a guide to being charming. It's a fun read and I am hoping that the advice on being charming still will work today. After all, one can never be too charming.


Anonymous said...

You are already too charming "by half." (Now, there's a locution for you to chew on, or "to sound," if you will.)
YSA your spiritual adviser

Princess said...

I absolutely adored Nanny McPhee!!!! It is now on my list of all time favorite movies.

I think what I liked most about it was the lesson that the more you love someone the more beautiful they are to you. That how you see someone on the inside is also how you see them on the outside. That the ones who love you, do not see those small imperfections, simply the beauty that you have within.

Definitely worth the time to watch. :)